She was indeed a Goddess, who stood by us when I was
bed-ridden and my husband was unable to move due to fracture of the patella and
my two angels, aged 4 & 2 years were helpless.

It was the first time in my life when I couldn’t move on my
own and was totally dependent on others for my daily chores at a mere age of
22-23 years. I use to cry a lot thinking why God punished me so mercilessly.

M too was helpless and everywhere there was darkness.

No relatives around to help us.

The support staff was very nice and she took care of my
house and kids.

One day, we both were very sad and was crying at our fate,
when M’s subordinate visited us.

He could not bear our state and he offered to send his
mother to our house to manage the things till we recovered.

She came to our house. I regarded her as Maa Durga who
descended when we were facing the trying times of our life and her entry to our
house brought a bleak of light and I was at ease.

She was very homely and friendly woman and within two days
span, she took the whole responsibility of the house and her way of caring was
mind-blowing…I felt as if my mother was
in the house and I was free from the responsibilities.

She boosted my moral strength too which I had lost due to

The smiles on the face of the kids returned in her company,
they regarded her as granny.

The fate was not happy with our agony, it trapped the kids

Both of them got infected with chicken pox but I am indebted
to the lady who took great care of them with great patience.

After complete one month, few signs of recovery showed in me
and with regular physiotherapy, I regained some strength in my limbs.

M plaster was removed and he too was undergoing physiotherapy.

The kids recovered and were back to school.

She lived with us for more than two months and managed the
house so well with the support of support staff that not even a spoon missed
from the house.

I had no words to thank her but I vowed that I will try my
best to get her only daughter married in an affluent family.

She was unlucky in terms that her husband had left her and
financially, she was weak.

I remembered my vow and after two years, I managed to find
best alliance for her daughter. The boy was settled in Central Govt job and
they were financially organised and affluent and even the boy was sober.

Till today, I am indebted to the person who stood for me and
by me when we were enveloped in gloom & darkness.

Her strength and patience pulled us out of the well of darkness.

I feel lucky to have her in my life and indebted to her

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