Beauty is skin deep – Sir Thomas Overbury.

We all know that real beauty is inner beauty but proper
grooming is essential to look presentable and 
flaunt beauty products of one’s

Beauty products are synonyms to woman or vice-versa.

The beauty industry thrives on the Diva’s of this world, so
you can well understand the connection between women of this universe and the
beauty products.

In my childhood & early teens, I was a careless beauty
and wasn’t much fond of beauty products but with growing age, the lust for the
products grew immense and a reasonable chunk was spent on these items. I
started hoarding Face creams, Lipsticks, Nail Polish, Bangles & Bindi &
Shampoo. I use the term hoarding because whenever I go for shopping, I buy
again in spite of availability in my cupboard…it’s a weakness to shop.


From initial days, I used Tiara egg shampoo for shampooing
my hair. I have silky hair and it needs great care and I have a habit of
washing hair on daily basis. Tiara egg shampoo was withdrawn from the market
and I switched to Sunsilk egg shampoo for long years. Sunsilk again withdrew
egg shampoo and came up with Black Sunsilk and Yellow Sunsilk and these two
became important items in my cupboard. As I shampoo daily, I use mild shampoos
too in between and Sunsilk Pink comes to my rescue. After every six months, I
change to Garnier Green Shampoo or Tressemme Black to give my crowning glory a
change and then I return back to Sunsilk brand.


I use Lotus White glow Skin Gel cream in winters & LotusNutramoist cream in summers for my face & neck on daily basis and Lotusnight cream while sleeping.

In summers, often, I dab white tone powder while going out
in daytime. I avoid too much creamy base face creams as I don’t feel
comfortable dabbing them on my face.

Gel cream are best for me.

I hoard foundation, face powder and other BB creams which
adorns my shelf more than me. The chance of using them are quite bleak, still
they stand tall in my collections.

Recently, I have started Aloe Vera gel and the results are
mind-blowing, it removes the scars and clears the skin. I dab on my face one
hour before bathing.


Bindi adorns my face 24 hours. Since the day, I got engaged,
I am wearing bindi on regular basis, even at night, and I don’t remove them. 

is an inseparable part of me. I use simple round bindi’s of different sizes in
hues of red, maroon, brown & black and I have dozens of them in my beauty
bag, daily purse and in my personal cupboard.


I am fond of glass bangles since childhood. In my childhood
days, I never ever wore bangles but bought it each time the Churiwalli visited
our house and they adorned my shelves. Even my grannies used to say that why I
buy when I don’t wear. I wasn’t much interested in wearing but it satisfied me
watching them the colourful stack and it gave me an unknown pleasure.

After marriage, I started wearing bangles. I don’t wear
bangles of all hues. Some selected hues adorns my wrist; the all-time favorite
hues are shades of red, maroon, pink, yellow, orange, golden and multicolored.

I prefer glass bangles more as I love the tinkling sound of
them but I do wear bangles of lac and metals.

I avoid metals in regular wear because it causes skin irritation
but do wear occasionally.

I have huge collection of bangles of all hues and of all
types available in the market.

Lipstick & Nail

I love buying Lipsticks & nail polishes. I don’t wear
lipstick daily but buy shades of red, pink, maroon and chocolate hues and I
carry in my daily purse too. Whether I wear or not, that’s not a concern but it
should be in my bag.

I wear them occasionally but buy dozens to satiate my
hoarding habit.

I love shades of red, pink, chocolate nail polish and I use
it for my toe nails. I don’t wear nail polish in my hands but my toe nails are
always painted with some hue or the other.

I have got large collection of nail polishes.

These are my best five beauty products for which I am
thankful and more or less, it is a part and parcel of daily regimen which takes
care of my hair & skin and adorns my persona.

Apart from using beauty product, I take care to keep myself happy,
clean & fresh.

Be happy and it will add radiance to your persona which no
beauty product can enhance and the real beauty lies in the eyes of the
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