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I am thankful to Blogadda and Colgate Magical Stories, who chose me to weave a story with my kids based on the images given inside the box of Colgate Strong Teeth with Cavity Protection Toothpaste.

This is the second time that I am weaving stories for the brand Colgate Toothpaste.

I love the company of kids and adore to interact with them.

My kids have outgrown my lap and they are settled in their jobs at Bangalore & Delhi respectively.

I called the kids of my society who are regular visitors to our house for playing with me and weaving funny stories.

I engage them to play scrabble, general knowledge Q&A sessions & Word Antakshari. Studies with fun, they find it interesting and a feeling of competition has developed among the children.

On Sundays, I ask them to weave stories giving objects or words and the one who wins gets prize…the prize possession is not a big thing…main idea is to brush their grip on language & develop imaginative powers & skills.


When I received the three packets of Colgate, I summoned all the kids at my place and showed them the packet and kept the condition that the kids who weave best story will receive a packet of Colgate Toothpaste…I planned the reward to motivate these cute kids.

The boys were more interested to weave stories around Space Adventure rather than gals of my society.

They neatly cut the packets and arranged the figures neatly & brainstorming session took its advent.

I took my seat in the middle so that I could hear their discussions and can suggest where they missed.

Here the story goes as weaved by the 6 boys. All of them are student of Std. IV.

One day Jack & Jill went for a ride and lost their way. They landed in an island, where there was no sign of any human inhabitants. It was getting dark and there was no network in their mobile. They were helpless and cried for help but all in vain. Thankfully, it was a full moon day and the moon light helped them to see through around the island.

“Jill, see there is beacon of red light dwindling behind the bush. Come on, let’s go…someone is there and can help us to find our way.” Jack said.

“Are you sure? It can harm us too, Jack.” Jill said.

“We are already in danger and our lives are at stake. No need to fear, let’s try our luck.” Jack convinced Jill.


They both ambled towards the place. As they got near, they saw a Rover standing there and it was its light on the top of the rover.

They inspected the Rover from all angles.

“Wow, this will take us back.” They both cried out in unison and their smiles returned on their faded faces and were bit relieved.


They saw a figure dangling near the rover, with big protruded eyes, wearing a yellow suit and green boots.

It appeared to be an alien, quite different from human and in spite of legs, it was not walking, it was dangling in the air.

Both Jack & Jill were frightened at the sight of the alien and Jill caught Jack tight hiding behind him and was sobbing.

“Hey guys, don’t get upset. I am good alien and I help people, so don’t get scared. Jack & Jill come here.” The alien said.

“How do you know our names, Alien?” Jack asked.

“I know everything about you. I live among people and I don’t harm anyone. You haven’t lost your way. I brought you here. You have to help me.” Alien said.

“How can we children help you? You are alien and I know you are powerful.” Jack said gathering courage.

“Hahaha…you are mistaken guys. The evil aliens are powerful, we are good ones and we lack power to destroy.” Alien told Jack.


“My UFO is hijacked on the planet Jupiter and you two can help me out. At present, we are on the planet Neptune and we have to ride on the rover to Jupiter. My whole gang, my wife and kids are there in UFO and Jupiter has held them captive. Jupiter watched both of you deviating from your way and you were travelling towards planet Pluto & he wanted me to rescue you. If you two would have reached Pluto then you would have lost your life, it’s so cold that life can’t exist there. With my power, I straddled you at Neptune.” Alien detailed to Jack & Jill.

“If we believe you, can we know the reason why your UFO is hijacked?” Jack asked out of curiosity and wanted to ascertain the truth.

“Oh, you guys are smart. You are not bothered about your safety. Here is the story. The UFO is my creation & I am the sole designer and I took out for ride in the space without getting permission. Planet Jupiter is strict disciplinarian and want others to follow the norms. He suspected some foul play and summoned us. I accepted & apologized for my wrong doing and requested for mercy. He put the condition of saving you two. This way, he wanted to ascertain whether I belonged to evil alien clan or good evil clan and so I am here. Let’s expedite else my family will face the music.”


The alien gave us green space costumes to wear, which had inbuilt oxygen to breathe in outer space and after putting it right, we sat on the rover. A bright light flashed and we were on the planet Jupiter.

“Jupiter Sir, here are the guys, Jack & Jill. Now, return my UFO and my gang. Now, you are sure that I am good alien and I don’t harm anyone.” Alien pleaded.

“I am happy with your service and releasing your discovery UFO and your family gang. Do me a favour. Take Jack & Jill with you and show the beauty of the space around and take them to Mars, where Earth is planning to deport their men. When they have come so far in ignorance, let them enjoy in space and early morning, you take them to the Earth in the Space Toyota. I trust you and so I am leaving these kids in your care.”

Jack and Jill was amazed to meet caring Jupiter and they were enthralled to go on a trip to space along with the gang of aliens.

Jack & Jill was amazed to see the UFO from so close and they took their seats inside. The gang of aliens welcomed them with a welcome song and exchanged words throughout the tour.

The feeling to watch the space from so close quarters was like sailing in dream and they captured fascinating picturesque  in their mobiles.

They were speechless at the magnificence of the space.

After a complete round of space, the UFO landed on the Mars and the alien accompanied Jack & Jill. It resembled more like Earth and the alien gave Jack & Jill a red flag to unfurl on the planet as a token of their visit on Mars. They saw the launched space shuttle on the Mars.


“Come on guys, let’s go. It’s three a.m., by four, you have to be in your home.”

The UFO left Jack & Jill on Mars and vanished in space with the alien & his gang.


The Space Toyota came and loaded them to deport on Earth.

They tip toed inside the house & slept on their beds

“You are getting late for school, Jack and Jill” Their mother said.

“Yes, Mom, getting ready.” Both said in unison.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


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