Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Day Celebrations

Once Upon a time, Valentine Day was a Greek word for Indians but thanks to the world of media that even the old pairs who have completed their golden anniversary too are busy with the celebrations….then what to say about the young pairs….they are anxious and their expectations rise high.

A month before 14th Feb., cards & gifts are decked up for the occasion, tables booking is on in restaurants and varied discounts & add-ons are added by the hotel industry.

The town is painted red in the anxious wait for the Valentine day and all swear their love to their partners and those they don’t have, they are in ardent search to express their love…with the advent of Feb., love starts brimming.

I too get high in Feb, but I am poor in expressions and so my heart fails to propose or vow and the same is the condition with my partner.

We are an ideal couple who are poor in expressions.

Further, my take is that love is not a thing to be celebrated only on a specific day.

Love is a fire which kindles when eyes and soul of two meet and decide to carry on and the passion for each other increases with each passing day, building trust upon each other and it reaches the zenith where even the biggest mistake of love is pardoned…such is the intensity of love and it can’t be erected in a day, it takes a lot of time, patience and perseverance.

Falling in love is easy but to remain in love is promising and when it reaches the zenith, the love turns unconditional where it only believes in giving with no expectations…but all relationships or love don’t reach to that extent.

Still, I don’t disagree with the celebrations but my choice is a bit different.

I don’t celebrate but still I have a list of choices where materialistic things are missing, it’s more to enjoy the day with spending less & enjoying more concept. It would be fulfilling too, it’s my view.

Start the day with a kiss planted on the lips of your love, it will revive the lost passions and you will feel fresh and present a beautiful red rose promising to stand by each other through thick and thin and just as the thorns manage to keep the rose petals safe; same ways you two vouch for each other.

Ask to wear the dress of your choice and prepare breakfast for each other. Even one of the partners can surprise showcasing their culinary skills and table management.

Decide to be together…if there is no urgency at office, take a day break and enjoy the leave with your partner, indulge in sharing and caring and love making as mood of both desires.

Go for a long drive with the favourite music playing in the backdrop, it will entice your passion.
Grab the hours to use in your own way as you desire to be with your partner.
Decorate your bedroom, light colourful aromatic candles, play music and enjoy the hours of close proximity.

If you indulge in with pleasant mood, I can challenge nothing better can replace these moments and no amount can fetch you these small pretty , invaluable, precious joys of life.

Don’t wait for one long year to celebrate the valentine day, take a break from fast life in a quarter and enjoy the leisure time with your partner….this way, the couple come closer and the fire of love rekindles.

This is my choice of gifts on the V-Day…what is yours? Do share & care.

Writing this for #MondayMommy Moments prompt


  1. I like your way of celebrating V-day. We do something close too. A movie date at home, with our favorite snacks. Quality time over the expensive gifts. :)

  2. Agree. Love should not be celebrated on just one day. It is celebrated in every day living with small thoughtful and loving gestures.