Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Uff, Yeh Blogging & Tum!!! #ILoveBlogging

Since childhood, I have a habit of scribbling…in those days, papers were used for writing and I scribbled my outbursts both healthy n jovial ones as well as disastrous ones…it was my way of venting out my emotions which I don’t share easily with anyone but papers and pen are my companion and I trust them.

I am not an introvert nor extrovert, a blend of both…at times, one can find me loud and at another time, they may find submitted to myself and many take my this side as snob or of proud nature…and generally in initial encounters, few are able to understand me…maximum misunderstand me and get to know me better with times.

I cleared my battles of life with the scribbling my emotions on paper and kept them properly tucked in a file and I had a habit of re-reading number of times.
With time, the mode of scribbling changed and became digitized and I moved to system & keyboard leaving my favourite pen & paper…but the process of venting out remained the same.

Soon, I deciphered the world of blogging and gradually started posting my emotions, experiences and observations that I daily encountered in my life and now, it has become a habit to post daily, if perchance, I miss…I become impatient and wait eagerly to venture in my world of blogging and on this valentine day, I admit that I am in love with blogging.

Don’t ask me When, Why & How I fell for blogging….I can’t describe figuratively but I can assure that my heart yearns for blogging.

The reasons are ample and realistic…the first and foremost is that my mood swings sometimes makes me a writer or sometimes a poetess, at times, I act as a journalist and at few instances, I pry in others privacy, so I become spy…and handling ample professions is making me versatile with each passing day.

My emotions don’t churn inside me…through blogging, I emit all the foulness brewing inside me and I feel fresh and light and the readers’ comments boosts my confidence which at times shakes with bitter experiences of life.

I paint my blog red when my passion and love speaks loud and in those best moods, I write poems of love and giving the form of compositions makes me more passionate and it kindles the rage of love inside me.

The incidents that I encounter in & around my life and the experience that I derive from those moments, I give it a form of prose or poetry and it helps me to learn from those small things of life…the good ones rejuvenates me and the bad ones gives me a lesson to learn….and jotting down is wonderful.

The captivating moments of nature, I capture through my lens and share on my blog.
The habit of scribbling remained the same but there was a great transition…when I wrote on papers, it remained under the cover and only I had the permission to read but the world of blogging brought transition and the outbursts are now on public platform and people are free to read, comment, appreciate or criticize.

The most appreciable quality of a blog is that by reading the notions of others, we learn great many new things, learn to know more about the changing perceptions and reflections of people and this sharing help us to reform our ways and the joy of others adds joys to our life…other tough times comes as a lesson to learn from other mistakes…sharing makes the people caring.

In the world of blogging, you can find answers for every query…the arena is vast and the specialty of one’s character or profession reflects in their blog…you can easily find answers to your query about pregnancy & parenting, cooking & baking, lifestyle & beauty, travel & tour, love & emotions, spellings & grammar and many many more.

I love blogging because I love jotting down my emotions, perceptions, reflections, experiences and observations that I encounter around my life…it has given me a digital identity on various social networking sites…discovered many friends from different niche and we learn a lot exchanging our ideas and love to participate in the ongoing contests in the world of blogging and meeting the deadlines.

When I get impulsive, my family asks me why you are so impatient to blog…why so much priority been given to blogging…I give them a smile with a wink and say it aloud, “I am in love with blogging”…hearing this only one word comes out of their mouth, “Uff, Yeh Blogging & Tum.”

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  1. Yes our blogs are our friends.She is always there to hold our hands and lend a ear.I am so glad to know you feel the same way.Blogging is precious .Keep writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. Yes...all the bloggers feelings are the same

  2. It is a good feeling to be in love with your blog - for me they are my babies - so i am a mother of three!! *gulps* Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

    1. Thanks Tina...I have reared my two and rearing two now with full devotion n care.