Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank You God!!!

We count our blessings for what we have but today I had to count on my blessings for the things that I don’t have. In one go, it sounded ridiculous to me but when the concept sank in then I understood what message it conveyed between the lines.

It asked me how I am thankful for the things that I don’t have in my life as having those will be adding trouble to my joyous life…it wasn’t easy to find the weeds in my life…I brooded long and finally, it worked out.

I profusely thank the Supreme Power that he hasn’t instilled Jealousy in me that doesn’t mean that I can share my love with someone…not at all. In my context…I don’t have inert properties of J in me…I feel happy if someone related or unrelated is happy… If my siblings do well, I feel proud but never ever I am J at their accomplishments…care pours in from my heart but never ever it gets mixed with J…I am really thankful that the Supreme Power did not inject me the chemical properties of Been Jealous.

Cheating & Playing Politics weed is not in my fields…I am quite straight forward and raw and an initial interaction with anyone mars their opinion about me…they try to shoo away from me...but when someone is associated they thank their stars…I am honest and poor at playing politics, at times, it poses issues but still I thank Lord for not instilling these poisons in my blood.

I am not Greedy for wealth nor I get infected with other’s wealth…I am only greedy to acquire information & knowledge through books, internet and experiences. I am very much contended with what I have & I don't have complains to unknown power.

I am tea-lover and prefer drinking black tea without sugar but thankfully I am not addicted. I can live without it. I don't have any Addiction of any kind in my life, no drug abuses nor alcohol.

From bottom of my heart, I thank God for making me what I am and keeping me aloof from the evils and my prayer continues to keep me as I am today, polish my qualities for betterment not for becoming a monster.

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