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Skills That I learnt! #Motherhood

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A day a woman becomes a Mother, she is reborn. As she holds her bundle of joy, a sense of maturity creeps in and she is no more a carefree girl…She transforms to a doting mother where her child becomes her priority…and all love & affections flow for the child.

I too was not an exception…motherhood changed me completely…I careless and bindaas girl transformed into a caring mother, the moment I bore my first child…and the joy to hold my flesh in my hands cannot be put into words…words can’t elaborate the feelings that I went through…I was amazed to watch my child with the features resembling me…I couldn’t believe my eyes that I had carried him for complete nine months in my womb…the feeling was surreal and it fetched me immense happiness & satisfaction….it took time to accept that he was my fragment, incarnated by me.

Motherhood transformed me completely. The journey to motherhood wasn’t easy but I readily accepted all the physiological, physical and emotional changes within me and the pregnancy blues with happiness just for the sake of my child and when the doctor put me into my arms, tears of happiness welled in my eyes & that day itself, I promised with myself to rear him a good human with good values…I think all Mom’s feels the same.

Motherhood blessed me with Patience & Tolerance: I was the impatient one and I was not well- acquainted with the word patience. I never got irritated even if he kept me on toes whole night rather I managed him solely with happiness emerging within me. I used to give him five times massage in a day, all by myself after C-Section. I fed him on time at regular intervals as suggested by doctors & mums at home. Never ever I felt tired or low while attending my son, even I was amazed at the change in me and never knew the hidden potential within me…the relatives & onlookers eyes were widened watching me handling the things with ease…I believe the virtue of motherhood teaches us well. Now my toddlers have outgrown my lap, but with time, I have grown more patient and calm and lend them my ears whenever they need my guidance.

Motherhood transformed me to Early Bird: Never in my life, I had woken up at 4 am in the morning not even for the final exams, but just a vague cry of my son early in the morning broke my slumber and I was alert to do his chores…normally, I never woke up before 8 am and if ever I did, I took half an hour or more to be alert but becoming mother changes within me came in drastically.

Motherhood made me Overprotective & Faint-hearted: With the passage of time, I found that I had become overprotective and possessive about my son and feared something untoward when for a fraction of second, my eyes missed him…such was the impact of becoming a Mother. I never left my son with support staff or helpers, an unknown fear gripped on the thought of leaving him to strangers and preferred that he be around me most of the time.

Motherhood graced me with DIY skills: Never before, I had knitted sweaters or stitched any cloth but after becoming a mother, I learnt all the skills and guys, you will surprised to know that my kids never ever wore ready-made sweaters till Std. XII. It was my passion to make sweaters for them and this passion led me to learn it in depth & afterwards, I started tutoring people who had flair for knitting. Same was the case with stitching, I stitched all the napkins, caps, frocks and bed rolls for my kids. I derived happiness indulging in stitching and knitting and I gain mastery in these subjects especially knitting. Even I updated my knowledge in Homeopathic medicines & learnt the techniques of first-aid, which comes handy when the child hurts while learning to walk or crawling. I became well versed in Do-It-Yourself Techniques.

In my eyes of my children, I am their Role model and they follow me and their trust is built upon me, so I have to keep myself updated so that I don’t ever disappoint them. Becoming mother, once again, I revised all the rhymes of kindergarten, updated my general knowledge quotient because in their eyes, I am a Supermom, who knows everything at the fullest.

Becoming a mother is challenging but once you cuddle your sweetheart in your arms, the world looks small and we feel our wings strengthened ready for any ride, be it on smooth plains or on roller and coaster ride. With babies, we enjoy each moment of life and the tough ride appears easy. The best thing is that they keep you busy, you don’t get time to brood over disappointments of life and their cute smiles & the way they reciprocate to your lullabies makes your day beautiful and you profusely thank Supreme power for gifting you a cute child, a part of you plays in your lap.

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It was my share…What you learnt as a Mom, Do share.

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  1. Agree Ila..motherhood changes us completely and makes us a super mom. Lovely pic. Thanks for linking up with #MOndayMommyMoments

  2. Such a beautiful post Ila .How wonderful you tutor people should want to learn knitting.That's a way to the this forward.Will you share your creative work with us on the blog ?
    Love to read them

    1. Agree Ila, motherhood changes us a lot. We also turn into tigresses- ready to do anything to safeguard our child. I'd say, our backbone becomes stronger.