Silent Gratitude!!!

It’s quite true, “Silent Gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

But expressing gratitude only in simple words is not only the solution. One should have a deep feeling for it.

The word, “Thank You” has a great meaning attached to it and if real emotions are strewn with it, the impact is much more.

My experience says something else.

I am watching this world since four decades of my life with eyes & ears open, deciphering each & every emotions and gathering experience from the minuscule to the large variation of emotions. Been a keen observer, I perceive a lot and decipher it as per my perception…I may not be right at all times…my perceptions may differ.

Change is the law of nature and the world around is on constant change.

Change for the betterment would have made the world a better place to live in…but sorry to say that with the huge advancement in technology, even Man got affected to a greater extent and the emotions too got mechanized…people are forgetting the importance of emotions in life…the emoji have caught hold of expressing emotions.

I would have been happy if emoji’s too delivered real emotions…mostly, it’s Superficial.

In today’s world, most people around are wearing masks…they act like machines and the words spoken are superficial…it flows out but they don’t hold much meaning to it and if these people extend their gratitude in just two words, I feel chagrined.

They speak out because they think that they have to utter but if you watch their faces, no amount of gratitude you will read on their faces…rather aapko lagega, wah aapka mazaak bana raha hai.

Don’t think, I’m misleading, it’s a fact that I have read from my experiences…I am giving a few instances and I’m sure few of you might have encountered such experience in life.

Once one of a relative was in distress and asked for financial help. I too was in tight fix still I spared the amount feeling his urgency…I think he forgot to return & I too did not remind him…I felt belittled asking for the sum…After one whole year, he appeared out of the blue to pay the amount back and the way, he said…I was shocked…He said that he never ever borrows money and if in urgency, he does, he pays back without reminder…nowhere he mentioned that he was thankful that I stood beside him in distress…nor his face showed that he felt the gratitude…What you will say for such people?

The world has gone turtle. In the arrogance, whim, and fancies of the world, people have forgotten disbursing small joys of life.

I feel it’s important to feel the weight of gratitude and then only convey in words and if you don’t feel, don’t chuckle out for the sake of saying…it’s worthless.

Positive attitude brings positivity to your life and Superficiality brings in negativity in life and deprive one to flourish.

Don’t just spell out the word, “Thank You”, show the gratitude in our actions and behaviors …it will raise the bar of your life and you will prosper…Don’t demean the word, Gratitude.

Show your gratitude to keep yourself happy first…if you are happy then only you can bring happiness in other’s life.

I’m the person, who doesn’t show Agarbattis to our god on daily basis but do try to be of help to people who need my help in anyone because I believe more in Karma than Dharma.

Karma can improve your Dharma but only Dharma cannot have an impact on Karma.

The views are solely mine and it’s my take, Do share yours.

Ila Varma, 23-02-2017

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7 thoughts on “Silent Gratitude!!!”

  1. A very well written post Ila.I too believe Thank you needs to be heartfelt and real Otherwise people catch on fast .The problem with lending people money is exactly what you described .They pretend we don't need it that's why we are giving.
    It's tough .But we do our best .
    Wonderful that we are showing #Thankful Ness together on #Thankfulthursdays.
    Lively reading you

  2. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks Amrita…loved writing for it

  3. Gratitude should be expressed sincerely. And if it is heartfelt, it is a miraculous thing. And let us not be judgemental. Let us receive gratitude gratefully too.

  4. shalzmojo says:

    You have written this so well. Indeed showing agarbatti or practicing just religion doesn't get us anywhere. But that's what we believe is right when it comes to thanking god for all our blessings.

  5. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for your comment

  6. Sapna Dhyani says:

    Gratitude is hard to come by. As you say, one can make out if the "thank you"is genuine or not. Nice post Ila.

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