Shopping…there was a time when people had immense fears engraved regarding
online shopping…no one budged to take interest…if anyone tried to take the
initiative, he was given lectures not to indulge…reason was clear…people didn’t
had faith in online shopping and the past remnants are vivid in my memory.
my childhood days that is late seventies and eighties were the regime of
parcels and there were some shops who parcelled the chosen articles via parcel.
There were few agents who had brochures of the items and they took the order
over brochures…few shops delivered proper goods but few sent cartons in parcel,
no chosen item and this way families were duped so they believed in direct
shopping, convenient & trusted.
time changed and the initiatives of reputed brands changed the mind-set of
masses and people ventured out for shopping and they tried from cheap items
initially and now people shop for more than lac and in this way, the reputed
brands played well to win the hearts of Indian population and finally they
achieved their mission and now people of all financial strata indulge in
digital shopping and today, one can buy tickets for travelling abroad to a
mopper of household item.
the comforts of our home or office, we can book tickets for movies, tables at
restaurants or can enjoy food on the table via home delivery, just you need to
have the connectivity and digital payments facility, shopping is at your
don’t have to rush in for marketing things of your choice neither you have to
chase the sales guy to serve you better. In cosy corner of your home or office,
you can choose from different brands, colors, price range etc.
I am online shoppingholic and I happen to buy grocery items to furniture items
and that too in relaxed aura…no pollution, no jiffy or jammed traffics…I have
not tried jewellery items, still I need to visit the brand of my choice and
feel the texture of it before going for it…not dared till now but I believe shortly
will dare to indulge.
you step in my house, you will find maximum home décor, furniture, wall
hangings, carpet, home accessories, dresses, carpets, rugs bought from online
shopping…I love shopping but this online shopping has many advantages and now I
vouch for online shopping…shopping done with cool mind & comforts.
major brands where I indulge in shopping are as follows:
first online shopping I indulged in, was on Flipkart and my first purchase was
novel. Frankly speaking, initially, I had fear of getting duped so I started
with a low cost item and gradually the sphere of shopping widened as my fear
subsided and I dared to get Geyser through online shopping. My hubby too
discouraged me in the beginning but now he is happy that he is not disturbed in
the weekends to be on shopping spree and my choices and the brands availability
at Flipkart had bowled him clean.
platform beautified my house with their range of furniture, wall shelves, bathroom
cabinets, rugs, carpets, bed sheets and other household items. Their return
policy is amazing so no fear if by chance you receive a product damaged in transit.
They have wide range of furniture items and the price range is broad, so you
can buy according to your capacity.
platform comes handy in festivals, there are awesome deals on household items
and I never miss those deals. Here too, you can purchase from a broom to grand
sofa…I have purchased centre tables for my living room at a splendid price.
I wasn’t comfortable with Amazon but now they have changed their style of
business and its quite amicable and user friendly and range of products.
Initially, I started with MTR packets which I don’t get in Patna. Before
Amazon, my son parcelled MTR packs of my choice from Chennai. One day, he found
that it is available on Amazon and he shared the good news…now I am regular
customer of MTR products. I check for enticing deals on Amazon for grocery
shopping or for clothing and I plunge in whenever I locate deals of my choice.
platform helped me a lot to choose from varieties of lingerie’s, which I never
got a chance in stores…When I shopped from store, I asked for the packet with specific
number and straightway came out of the shop blushing. I felt very shy and this
shy nature never let me discover the up-to-date undergarments. Zivame solved my
issue completely and I wander on this platform for hours before zeroing in for
my size and design. I feel awesome shopping online.

are the major platforms that I use for indulging in online shopping. There are
times when we buy on impulse, it depends how one takes it. Some take impulse
buying as negative. The best thing about online shopping is that there is no
need to rush or screech…tune in the music and do your shopping coolly. 

Writing this for #MondayMommy Moments prompt.


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