Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday Foto Fiction Week 13.


The huge palatial bungalow where we grew stood today, dark & dingy with cobwebs hanging all around.

Tears welled up in my eyes, this was the place where Maa-Pa lived with dignity and kept the ancestral property neat and clean...and what we did?

In race of earning high, we uprooted our roots.

Now, I have to visit Oxygen pubs to breathe in fresh air, hit back to gym to maintain fitness...and here we have all in plenty.

I took the decision.

I resigned from the job and moved here with the family.

Once again, life regained & I felt rejuvenated.

(100 words)

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  1. A very interesting take on the topic.We need to take out traditions into the new age.

  2. yes...we need to go back to basics

  3. Transitioning to the old way of life will be our salvation!!! Loved it

  4. How I wish we all could do that in real life - go back to our roots!. Thank You for linking with #FridayFotoFiction.