Five Vices!!!

How can one be thankful for the vices? Never heard of it before nor had ever tried, but The Thankful Thursday asked me to jot down the vices for which I am thankful to Almighty.

Even the Supreme power will be astonished as what I am upto.

I racked my brain and finally closed to Five Vices for which I am thankful…let’s see whether readers agree with me or not…if I would have been asked virtues, there would have been a long list…anyways, let’s start.

  1. Been Online: Common complain of my close associates to far one, friends & foes, they find me online and even their walls are flooded with my posts & comments…Yuck...many feel that I am busy in chatting…and me…I hate chatting. I am online researching on the subjects to write, reading opinion of others, writing on my subjects and for all these, I need to be online.
    This vice can be annoying for many but for me, it has yielded good results and my identity as a blogger, Twitterati has increased manifold.

2. Present in Most Social Networking Sites: One more complaint, I hear from my family & close associate that I am omnipresent on all social sites and they fear that my account can be hacked or manipulated or sharing information is not beneficial…I just smile because I know that this vice has proved productive for me as my writings have the wide audience and I learn so many things from the circle of social friends & I have drawn a fine line of ethics so that none can use me in a wrong way.

3. Shopaholic: Since teenage, I shop a lot and my cravings are for fabrics, which includes dresses, bedsheets, curtains & cushion covers; books & magazines and music…nowadays, it’s been more easy with online shopping and nowadays courier people are well aware of my shopping habits and the connectivity “ne mere vice ko chaar chand laga diya hai” at the click of the button, I purchase what I wish to…sometimes, I am caught in impulsive buying …still I am thankful for this vice and at this stage when my nest is empty, it acts more as therapeutic and keeps me fresh & lively.

4. Music: I am a lover of music…I  put it this way, I breathe music, I am in love with music and with music, I can stay lonely in any isolated island. I am thankful for this vice because it makes me independent in thought and actions and I feel full of life. Elders at my house sometime gets irritated with my loud music but finding me happy & busy, their gussa vanish off often.

5. Emotional Attachment: I get attached very easily and can’t endure watching people in pain and I can go to any extent to provide help to the needy…in this course, I help a lot of people…often, I stretch my limits but there have been incidents when people were good enough to extract from me by feigning…but still my this vice is in continuation because I believe in that one can dupe only once but for thousand times, he won’t get the love & support when he is actually in need of it.

I call these vices because at times, people get irritated at me for indulging in these vices but I am at ease indulging in them and I am grateful to the supreme power to have blessed with the most that I can avail these easily.

It was my take, Do share yours.

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8 thoughts on “Five Vices!!!”

  1. Eli Ert says:

    Thats lovely-I breathe music too:-) Great read

  2. shalzmojo says:

    lovely post Ila – I enjoyed reading about all your quirkiness which you have dubbed as your vices 😉

  3. I share your vices too! Be it being online, emotional attachment or music! But I like them because they make me me.

  4. I am so like you, Ila, where emotional attachment and online shopping are concerned!:)))
    This was such an adorable read, glad to know you!:)

  5. Tina Basu says:

    I think Ila you are too sweet to have any vices!! I am onlne almost 24×7 I even wake up in the middle of the night check my TL, Mail, instagram, moderate comments and then go back to sleep – I do that almost on a daily basis!

  6. Ila Varma says:

    Wow…nice to find you.

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