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Where can one find unconditional love?

Parents are the pillars of unconditional love and their love for their kids never ceases and the child is always a child in the eyes of their parents…they outgrow their lap but they never outgrow their hearts…that’s the beauty of love where there are no conditions, no boundaries…it is the love that is never tired of giving.

The day, woman comes to know of her pregnancy, her attention & focus shifts to the life that she is carrying in her womb and she tackles all the pregnancy blues to have a glimpse of the baby…the token of her love.

She goes through bone wracking pain for the sake of bringing a child…a mother knows of the pain that she undergoes to bring a life in the world…and the day she bears, it is her rebirth.

Parents are attached to their child but the intensity of attachment is at maxim in mothers, the reason is that she carries for nine months in her womb and the umbilical cord is severed to bring out the child, so the attachment is deep.

Parents are quite protective towards their children…it is not seen only in human…but you can see this attachment on all life on this earth who can bear offspring.

Watch the birds…how they feed their children, teach them to fly and how they protect their eggs & babies from enemies…even in animals, you will find the same unconditional love towards  their children and how beautifully they rear them, making them independent.

Why is Family important?

Man is a social animal and he needs people around to share and care and in the initial stage of life, family is the backbone of an individual and one is fully dependent on their parents, grandparents & siblings. The child learns the basics from family through trial n error and the family stands by through thick and thin to guide and hold when you stumble.

After blood relations, the role of friends in our life is appreciable and the good friends are not less than own siblings…we share our joys and sorrows and by sharing joys multiplies and sorrows gets divided.

When we are settled or completed education…we settle with the companion to share and care and procreate…at every juncture of life, we need family at the back end to support us mentally, physically, emotionally & financially and we pay the debts of our parents by bringing the child into the world and taking its responsibility.

Life is a circle…we reach at the same point we started our life though the characters & the characteristics change with time.

We all need a family to share our good & worst things of life and a shoulder to cry.

At one instance, family makes you powerful & courageous to fight against the odds of life and in another instances, this family  makes you weak and you are scared to lose someone.

Can’t fathom a world without family?

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12 thoughts on “Family #Unconditional Love”

  1. Nadaan Parinda says:

    When your car breaks down in the middle of the highway while it’s raining cats and dogs, who’s the first person that flashes through your mind? When you just landed your dream job, who are the first people you’d like to break the news to? When you’ve been admitted to the hospital, who are the ones who will be by your side? Most, if not all people will think about their families – the ones who make up the closest and most important people in their lives. Good news or bad news, you can always trust your family to be the first to offer support and help. Sure, your mom might be a big naggy and your dad sometimes grouchy. Your brother might be constantly MIA, But at the end of the day, when it really matters, these are the people you can count on to be there to lend a helping hand. This is why it’s important to develop strong family relationships

  2. Ila Varma says:

    very true…I couldn't agree more

  3. Informative and impressive writeup.

  4. Well said. That is so true. Our family is our best support system. We really need to invest more in our familial relationships.

  5. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for stopping by

  6. Such a lovely read full of love & warmth for relations and their importance in one's life. Bang on

  7. Natasha says:

    Family is our backbone, our world of comfort. Nice thoughts Ila.

  8. dew cool says:

    Thankyou for linking with us #Click&blogastory
    That’s the perfect key to a happy family , bang on 🙂

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