Tia & Raj were classmates in college. Gradually, they became closer and fell in love and committed to marry after Raj settles in job. Their love story was popular in college and many envied their relationship.

After bagging the job, Raj married Tia and they settled in Hyderabad. Initial years went out smoothly but after few years, Raj felt hurt when people remarked on his looks. Tia was very beautiful whereas Raj was simple & dark. Tia loved him a lot and never ever his looks concerned her…but what can be said about the insane onlookers…their regular remarks jilted Raj and a feeling of envy crept in the relationship.

There was tremendous change in his behaviour. He started arguing with Tia for no reason, sometimes, in a fit of rage, he hit her…as such he was crossing the limit of the relationship.

Tia understood the reason and chose to keep mum and thought that with time, it would diminish and she openly flaunted her love for him in her actions and words.

But nothing changed him…rather the relationship grew worse.

One day, Tia was in kitchen, boiling milk on the gas stove. At once, she was hit so hard that the boiling milk splashed on her face and burnt her face badly.

It was Raj who did it deliberately and walked out of the house, leaving Tia alone.

The neighbours overheard her scream and took her to the hospital for further care.

Her face was badly disfigured and she was in great pain.

She took the entire blame on herself and didn’t mention Raj’s name…such was her love for her man and what a man, Raj was. For few petty remarks by people, he jilted her lover and it was his envy that made him take such drastic step of burning Tia.

It would have been better for both Raj & Tia, if he would have parted his ways instead of damaging Tia to such an extent that she lost her voice and still she didn’t want to hurt her love.

Envy can be disastrous to a great level if the resentment is at height.

My perception is that if ever you feel envious in your relationship, sit calmly with the person and coolly discuss your feeling and clarify your doubts.

Envy is like a termite which slowly eats the person.

Don’t let envy eat you, rule out the reasons for yourself and clear the gloom of doubt and if you are unable to do, seek help of parents, friends, life-partner or spiritual guru.

Socrates truly said, Envy is the ulcer of the soul.

This post is written for #ClickAndBlogAStory’s prompt “Envy” for Week # 7. Linking it to Zainab and Bushra’s blog.



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  1. dew cool says:

    Yes Envy is destructive if not controlled before time. We all must learn to accept the other success with open heart
    Amazing take on envy Thanks for joining on #ClickandBlogAstory Linky

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