To think of the plight of women, to raise her standard of
life, to educate her and strive for equal rights is praiseworthy…Do we need to
be at loggerheads with men to earn the rights of women or improve their status?

In the name of feminism, women are raising their voice
against men and building grudges against men…this is not fair…Men alone are not
responsible for the pain in the life of a woman, even woman is responsible…the
rules and regulations framed within the premises of house is not dictated by
men, it’s more or less dictated by women.

I see feminism in a different way. I laugh at the group of
people who call themselves feminist but actually getting attached with the
drive of feminism, they transform into Men-haters…the slogans raised by them
are always against the men of the society.
Society comprises of both men and women. Man & woman
both are integral part of a family and they are interdependent on each other, just
like wheels of a car, both wheels have the same importance though their working
pattern is different, same is the case with Man & Woman.

People have misunderstood the concept of feminism and it’s
sad that they are propagating ill notions against men. Minds are been poisoned on
the pretext of feminism and this is creating rift and ruckus within the

Basically, the young nymphs are more affected by this, they
start nurturing biased opinion against male community and this gives rise to
many issues pre & post marriage and even while interactions with men, they
judge them with biasedness.

Hey girls,

If really, you desire to improve the plight of a woman then
fight for your rights and privileges but retain your feminine qualities, you
don’t need to act as a man to attain your rights & privileges.

If you look back into past history, Indian women enjoyed
great liberty and freedom but the conquests of different dynasties imposed
rules on her movement and deprived her of her privileges, and for ages, people
followed the rule, hence the outlook of society towards women changed because
from beginning, they saw her blooming amidst rules & regulations, her
rights infringed and more dependent on the male community of society. She wasn’t
decisive nor was she given freedom of opinion.

With time, people understood the difference between right
and wrong and gradually uplifted the impositions imposed on women.

The purdah system gradually abolished from society and
importance was given to her education. Day by day, the transition came in the
life of a woman and her role got defined in society, she got recognition in

Women & females have come a long way and their condition
have improved to a greater extent and in society, she is brushing shoulders
with men.

Yeah, there are times when men don’t approve her freedom or
are biased in opinion.
Fight for your rights retaining your feminine qualities.

I feel sorry for the womenfolk who try to imitate the style
of a man…why you need to imitate…boost your own personality, groom it well
& then challenge the men.
To me feminine means delicate and sophisticated then what is
the need to act rowdy.
If one is copying the tactics of a man that means she has
inferiority complex of been a woman.
One more notion, I come across associated with women’s
education. They think if I am equally educated as a man then why should I sit
at home or why should I take care of house & babies.

Real education makes people gentle and refined and your
feminine qualities makes you do homely things much tactfully.

You all must have heard the quote, 

“If you educate a man,
only a man is educated but if you educate a woman, whole family is educated.”

There is quite truth in the above statement.

Women are mentally stronger than man and her patience
outstanding. Man can never compete with her in terms of her patience &
tolerance capacity and that’s the reason that she grooms the kids in the best
way…then why you want to compete with the man who is physically sturdy but not
parallel to you in terms of your patience.

Can a man bear a child?

There are ample biological, physiological and psychological
differences between a Man & a Woman, they need to have equal rights but their
performance cannot match at any end, there is bound to be differences.

Ask for your rights & privileges, but don’t demean
yourself acting like a Man.

My vision is woman is strong so she chooses to bear children
in spite of knowing that she has to undergo bone wracking pain and her life is
at risk.

Would a man go if he had the choice to bear children?

My belief is that if men were to bear children then ages
before, world would have perished.

Woman, value your potential and retain your qualities.

Tremendous changes have come in the lifestyle of women and
men too are pleased watching the woman’s plight improve.

“Rome was not built in a day”, same way, you can’t expect
cent per cent changes in one time.

Man has started helping their mother, sister, wife or
daughter in the domestic tasks and amicably adjusts themselves and they are
readily extending their hands in domestic sphere.

Previously, Men didn’t do domestic chores because they used
to be the bread winner and they were so groomed that they thought that the woman staying at home can
wonderfully handle it.

Now when both are working, the male community is updating
themselves with domestic skills and are readily participating but don’t expect
them to be as patient as you can be.

Even, when I was a teenager, I too thought the same and
tried to imitate the styles, dressing and talking like men but with age, I
matured and shredded these developed skins and I admire myself in my originality.

“A woman can live without a man, but a man cannot live
without a woman in his life.”

Do raise your voice for your rights & privileges but don’t
develop grudges against men just because of fistful of men who try to
jeopardize the lives of females, even there are fistful of women who try to
break the homes or horrify the lives of men.

It is not the gender who are breaking rules, there are few handful
of people who try to malign the image of a particular gender.

I am not against the cause of feminism but the way it is
working in society is not commendable.

Let’s move in a right way treading on right path and bring in the transformations in society.

The views are solely mine, few might not take it easily. I am ready for the brick-bats.

Do share your take.


  • I am a full supporter of women empowerment but i have also noticed in the name of women empowerment some women and girls(as u have mentioned) started to raise hatred towards men and boys. I thought to write a post on it but i did not…i was afraid…except bloggers some ladies also read my posts.
    Now i think i can write a post on it and obviously will share the link of this post there.
    This a very logical writing covering the social and biological points. Thanks a lot for such a superb and strong article.

  • wow the words are magical , hats off to you & thanks for writing for such a motivating post . Much appreciated. Yes we should know the meaning of feminism in true sense inspite of blaming men .

  • Wonderful Ila! I like the way you have put it – don't demean yourself acting like a man! I have seen women act suddenly strange, and they speak so much about feminism and how they want the next generation to think of them as a feminist and all. It used to look so funny, the very term is always taken as a shield against certain inner inferior feeling may women have. I for one believe we as female have a lot of strength – improve that and strive to work along with men in this society, equality and not superiority is the need.

  • Good points is easier said than done. Just because few men are like that..we should not hold everyone guilty of abusing women. Feminism is not about demanding superiority but it should be about respecting us for what we are. It should be about equal rights. Thanks for linking it up with #MondayMommyMoments 🙂

  • Such a thoughtful take on feminism. I agree. we need to take it step by step. Thanks for sharing this, Ila.

  • Enjoyed this read:-) To me feminism is about women having the same rights as men, that no one should be discriminated because of their gender. Alot to do in that adrea still, I believe, all across the globe!

  • I just reached here from Menaka's post, and I think both your posts reflect a lot of what feminism should actually be, rather some of these confused points that people seem to be putting out.
    So, well done!

  • Powerful lines Ila 'a woman can live without a man but a man cannot live without a woman. I agree with you that wrong is done from both sides. whether some boys are to be blamed or some girls are to be blamed. But because of them the whole community is blamed

  • As is true for all tyrannies, propaganda against the 'oppressor' is more than essential. It's paramount for justifying the denial of fundamental rights of the oppressor. Teenagers

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