Sunday, January 15, 2017


Autumn has descended and the mellow leaves are strewn all around. Thousand of memorable moments are associated with this park.

I'm back to my country after 25 years, a lot has changed around but this place appears the same; only the seats are barren.

When we met, we were seated on separate benches and with passage of time, our association & seat got closer.

It was the unfortunate evening of my life when she chose to part with me without citing a reason, leaving me clueless.

I was completely shattered & moved to States.

Year later, saw her photo in Obituary.

(100 words)

Ila Varma.

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  1. Amazing weaving of words. I am pleased to read.

  2. 100 words only but the words are weaved in perfectly..

  3. Thanks for stopping n for liking the post.

  4. So touching and unfortunate! Well written and a different post for the pic.

  5. Ohh that's so sad yet poignant. Loved it Ila. Thank you for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction

  6. Lovely writing Ila- your take on the prompt is super. Congrats on the win