She was 18 and he 24. She was beautiful & innocent and
he was young & bubbly. The family & well-wishers blessed them profusely
on the eve of their engagement and were very enthusiastic that they both will
be compatible and will make a lovely pair.
She was on the threshold of youth and wasn’t as such
prepared for the marriage and was chasing her aims and aspirations to be independent…but
was it serendipity or destined, she couldn’t fathom but she did not had the
courage to speak against her parent’s wish and she surrendered to their wishes.
She kept her point forth her in-laws side as well as to parents that she should
have right to carry out her education and her dream to be a professional. All
dittoed her wishes.
This is the incident of eighties and in those days, the guy
& the girl was not allowed to meet each other or converse over landline
phone post engagement. In those days, marriage was a family affair and the
couple did not had much say and the same applied to them.

The wings of her dreams gained strength & soared high. She
was told by the close associates that he was superb, very cheerful, funny and
positive. Her fears of settling after marriage gradually diminished to a great
extent and she dreamt of a comfortable life with her partner.

Post engagement, her heart longed to meet him as any
teenager would long to and had fell head over heels for him without knowing him
much…yeh tha bali umar ka shuroor
and her innocent heart knitted beautiful dreams of her life ahead with Mr
Unknown, who had become quite dear to her.

There was a gap of whole one year between her engagement and
marriage and the preparations were on but she wasn’t so keen on marketing of
her bridal attire or make up and blah blah. She did not attach much importance to
these materialistic things.

Her unguarded heart just longed for the Ajeez Ajnabi and she
was busy in daydreaming and secretly chalking plans how to enjoy the days of
togetherness…Dil, dil se baat karne main busy tha. Her love knew no bounds…she
was eagerly waiting for the D-day and finally it arrived with full pomp &
show and they were tied in the bonds of togetherness forever.

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She was thrilled but she kept her emotions in control. She
wanted him to initiate and her desires were more filmy type…He wasn’t the type
that she dreamt of and had overheard about him.

He was cheerful, loud and funny but with his family members.
As the doors of bedroom closed, he became docile and cool. The warmth & the
fun that she yearned for was missing…It was the time for her to jolt and she asked
herself umpteen times, “Did I deserve this” and many queries flared up in her
mind, though externally she maintained her cool.

She was confused at the sudden change in his behaviour. In
the world of others, he was a different man and with her, he was different. He
was good as a husband but she was looking for a friend in him and her innocent
heart cried out. Her dreams that she had knitted so dearly around him was
shattered and she didn’t had the voice to complain.

“Is he heartless, don’t he has emotions or craving for her?
Why he married? Was he in love with another girl?” all negative emotions
overpowered her mind but she kept them caged in her ribs and did not lose
hope, she believed for a better tomorrow.

She thought that she would wait for the day when he would
change or become as she longs to find in him, a lover, and a friend and there
won’t be any boundaries in between. This was her budding love for him which
encouraged her to wait and she was ready to wait.

Before marriage, she was a rebel and could never accept
decline from anyone but post marriage, she was quite different…she became
submissive and patient…she too was amazed with the transformations within her.

“Love has power of endurance” and it stood perfect for her.

In the meantime, they were blessed with cute angels and
their life became responsible and there she found in him, a caring self who
took care of her.

His ways of expression was quite different. Gradually, she
understood him.

Cooking Together:
He would help her in kitchen. She would cook, he would chop. She fed her babies
and he took care of the backlog in the kitchen work.

Managing Babies
There was least gap between the two angels and they kept her on
toes. Till he was in house, he would help her to organize the kids, helping her
in their routine and she felt relieved as well as a bonding with him.

Baby Sitting: On
the eve of holidays, he would be a baby sitter for them and she would venture
out with friends for shopping or movies for a change from the set out routine
and he never complained even she was late with friends.

He kept himself more involved with family and she could feel
his warmth in his company. 

He was not filmy type in the beginning but when she
gradually opened up her wishes of acting like a hero, he would laugh at my
innocence and said, “Life is different from films. Do you want me to dance
around trees? You are still a kid, dear” and would give a peck on her cheeks
when she yearned for French kisses.

Gradually, he transformed and spontaneous hugs and instant
embraces spiced their life. She could feel the warmth of his love for her and
with time, he became naughty as she expected him to be and filled her life with

One day, he told her, “Dear, my way of loving you was
different. I yearned for your company and I wanted to be naughty but you seemed
so innocent and simple that I didn’t dare. I did not know you were so naughty.”
And clutched her in tight embrace and locked her lips with French kisses.

They both lived happily after.

On holidays, he would massage her long hairs with Parachute
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