Monday, January 16, 2017

Role Reversal #Quirky

These days it’s quite common for the Dads to take care of the kids, due to nuclear family set up and if Mums are working then they have to be more diligent in taking care of the child.

Earlier there were joint family set ups, so there were herd of people to take care of the young ones & Mom- Dad did not had much botheration if they were to go for outing, job or for some work.

But nowadays, after kids, if Mom has to go out then she needs to plan quite prior to the day and it’s amicably decided that the Dad will take leave from work to be in house taking care of little ones.

In my case, my husband is fond of kids and he can go to any length to keep them happy. I am too fond of kids but I am a disciplinarian and see that the children doesn’t take advantage of my lenience. I am more particular to the judgment but my husband is just my antonym (I added this word in lieu of opposite, just for fun).

Judgment stands on his mood, if he is happy, he won’t care. He will fulfil all demands and if he is in slack mood then genuine things too won’t be heard and in my case, it isn’t so.

I don’t move along with moods, I am judgmental in all circumstances and I hook up with my take.

I have two boys, now they have outgrown my lap but the memories are still intact as if it is the story of yesterday.

My tiny tots were manageable and I raised them into independent child. It wasn’t easier to train but they were easy to manage…I consider myself lucky.

I started working when my kids completed their primary school, before that I managed business of pharmaceuticals operating from my home, but still there were instances when I had to go out for some work and in those situations, my husband stayed back.
As soon as my kids came to know that I was going for outing, they were very happy, though they didn’t show externally but I could sense from their body language…Maa hoon naa.

They knew that their Papa will cook their favourites (he is a good cook), will approve their demands of toys and games along with cold drinks, chocolates & chips and they would be free to move freely in the house, jump on the sofa etc…a complete masti day.

Once I was getting ready for the outing, then I overheard the conversation of Dad and beta:
“Papa, mummy jab jayegi to mujhe wo wala toy dila dena.” So was the prakop (wrath) of Mummy in my house.

And Papa smartly didn’t reply in words, just shook his head in affirmation.

As soon as I would be ready to leave, their best question propped up, “Mummy, kab aaogi?”

I would just smile, I understood the meaning of their smart question.

And both boys in unison will say, “Yayyyyy” & Dad was happy too.

He would cook their favourite delicacies and after having food, he would snore and these smarty’s had immense freedom to watch cartoons, play around uncaring about the furnishings.

They celebrated the day as their independence day.

After having good sleep, he would take them to market to buy the goods of their choice.
As I stepped inside, the younger one will come to me with his toys and very innocently would say, “Dekho naa, Papa khareed diye hain”

Smart explanation they had and Dad would be busy in keeping the things on their place so that I don’t give sermons to all.

My hubby’s body language clearly communicated that he had a sound sleep.

In conclusion, all the three of them enjoyed to the fullest in my absence.

If I complained, “You are encouraging them to be undisciplined.”

His simple reply, “You are there to handle & bachche tumse darte hain aur hum bhi”

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  1. Hahaha That is such a sweet post. It's so wonderful to know that your husband can easily take care of kids and cook for them as well �� With a nuclear setup, it is vital that both the partners take equal responsibility in maintaining the household.

  2. Heheh this one is too funny and quite relatable... kids are oversmart they know where to get favours from and how... superb write up..

  3. Haha..enjoyed reading your story Ila and happy to know that situation is same everywhere. Moms are the rule makers and dads are the rule breakers. And rule makers are seen as hitlers by kids and they love spending time with dad as he is least bothered. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments :)

  4. Great - I enjoyed this read. Its great to have both the mum and the dad to have a go - but at their terms:-) I believe the kids will benefit from that... in the end... when the smart tricks time is over that is. hehe:-)

    1. Yes, I agree but I have been lucky that my kids are grown as responsible guys.

  5. Participate in blogging contest at soon.....Assured prizes for winners....

  6. Lovely post Ila and my hubby too gets my daughter all sorts of toys which I have to organise or throw away on a daily basis.That's something I don't like.But I suppose children need this feeling of freedom in childhood before adult responsibilities bind them.Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

  7. Haha....the story in my household is almost the same, with me being the devil disciplinarian. So relate to this!