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When I recall my childhood days, I laugh out loud at my
foolishness. Even when you come to know of my childhood tantrums, you too would
do the same.

I was the eldest daughter of my family and everyone was very
fond of me. My aunts (Bua) took great care of me, especially grooming my looks
and dresses and I hated been groomed.

They would comb my hair and tie them, put kajal, bindi and
powder and I hated wearing make-up. As soon as they were out of sight, I would
go and wash out all the make-up.

When they spotted me with a weird look on, they would scold
me and sometimes gave a good spanking…I hated them for their behaviour &
treated them as my enemies.

I was very careless about my looks and dresses but as I grew
up, I became conscious of dressing up and saw that I dress up meticulously and
in late teens, consciousness was at large for maintaining my skin and hair…so
finally, I changed from careless beauty to careful girl.

Till today, I don’t wear Kajal nor do I use face powder, I
don’t feel comfortable been dabbed with it…Old habits die hard.

I grew quite conscious of my hair and teeth. I am conscious
about my looks and skin, but hair & teeth are in priority.

  •  Hair – I rarely oil my hair for an hour
    or two maximum. I feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep if hair is oiled, so I
    use it in day hours, likely before bath. I used to get good scolding for not
    oiling, but I hardly listened to my parents on this topic. If someone catches
    me with oiled hair, they are bound to ask my welfare, I appear ill. I use plain
    coconut oil, I can’t use perfumed oil for my hair. I use raw egg before
    shampoo, the barred days are the festival days. Further, in summers, I shampoo
    everyday n in winters, every alternate day but if I have to go out, I wash
    daily in winters too. I use Sunsilk Black & Yellow & sometimes Pink. I
    have all in my wardrobe all the year round. I started with Tiara egg shampoo,
    now it is off market & then I switched to Sunsilk. Other than egg, I use
    lemon or vinegar in monsoons or going winters to ward off dandruff which seldom
    appears in these seasons. Read here, how I started eggs for my hair. I have few
    greys but I don’t use colours. Once in trimester, I use Mehendi powder on my
    hair. I believe in graceful aging.

  • Skincare Till 35 years of age, I used
    to oil my whole body with mustard oil before bath and I needed no other
    moisturiser to smoothen my skin. But with age, the demand of skin grew manifold
    and now I use multiple creams & moisturiser to safeguard my skin. I use
    Vaseline Body Lotion for my lower limbs. I use Garnier Body Cocoon for whole
    body in summers & Biocare Almond Cream in winters. I use raw almonds
    homemade powder with saffron & milk in winters in lieu of soap in winters. I
    believe more on natural products. I use Lotus Herbal Nutramoist for my face in
    summers & Garnier wrinkle lift in winters. Since three years, I indulge in
    whole body massage with Ayurveda therapeutic oil and it does wonders to my skin
    & soul.

  • Nails – I use Lakme nail paint for my
    toes. I don’t paint my hand but toes are most of the time painted and nails are
    in shape. Once in a week, I remove paints for the nails to breathe and

  •  Feetcare – I wash my feet with mild
    liquid soap or shampoo if liquid soap is finished and massage with VaselineBody Lotion. I keep it moisturised so not a single crack develops in my feet
    and my toe nails are painted with dark hues most of the time. Once in a
    fortnight, I soak & bathe my feet in salted hot water & add few drops
    of coconut oil. This cleanses the dead cells and it’s quite refreshing and if
    done before going to bed, then it induces to sound sleep.

  • Lipcare – I love Lakme lipsticks though I
    don’t use daily but still I have good collection of it. I love accumulating
    them in my wardrobe. It adds glow to my face. I use on formal occasions or when
    I feel like flaunting with my favourite colors.

In regular days, my beauty regimen consists of washing my
crowning glory, having a hot water bath and dress up in ironed suit whether I
stay at home or go out. I need to wear clean & creased dresses. I wear dash
of sindoor, a round bindi adorning my face and few bangles dangling in my right

I keep myself stress free, take things lightly in life and I keep smiling.

This is my regimen, do share yours.

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