Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mommy Beautiful!!! Tips & Style

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When I recall my childhood days, I laugh out loud at my foolishness. Even when you come to know of my childhood tantrums, you too would do the same.

I was the eldest daughter of my family and everyone was very fond of me. My aunts (Bua) took great care of me, especially grooming my looks and dresses and I hated been groomed.

They would comb my hair and tie them, put kajal, bindi and powder and I hated wearing make-up. As soon as they were out of sight, I would go and wash out all the make-up.

When they spotted me with a weird look on, they would scold me and sometimes gave a good spanking…I hated them for their behaviour & treated them as my enemies.

I was very careless about my looks and dresses but as I grew up, I became conscious of dressing up and saw that I dress up meticulously and in late teens, consciousness was at large for maintaining my skin and hair…so finally, I changed from careless beauty to careful girl.

Till today, I don’t wear Kajal nor do I use face powder, I don’t feel comfortable been dabbed with it…Old habits die hard.

I grew quite conscious of my hair and teeth. I am conscious about my looks and skin, but hair & teeth are in priority.

  •  Hair – I rarely oil my hair for an hour or two maximum. I feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep if hair is oiled, so I use it in day hours, likely before bath. I used to get good scolding for not oiling, but I hardly listened to my parents on this topic. If someone catches me with oiled hair, they are bound to ask my welfare, I appear ill. I use plain coconut oil, I can’t use perfumed oil for my hair. I use raw egg before shampoo, the barred days are the festival days. Further, in summers, I shampoo everyday n in winters, every alternate day but if I have to go out, I wash daily in winters too. I use Sunsilk Black & Yellow & sometimes Pink. I have all in my wardrobe all the year round. I started with Tiara egg shampoo, now it is off market & then I switched to Sunsilk. Other than egg, I use lemon or vinegar in monsoons or going winters to ward off dandruff which seldom appears in these seasons. Read here, how I started eggs for my hair. I have few greys but I don’t use colours. Once in trimester, I use Mehendi powder on my hair. I believe in graceful aging.

  • Skincare - Till 35 years of age, I used to oil my whole body with mustard oil before bath and I needed no other moisturiser to smoothen my skin. But with age, the demand of skin grew manifold and now I use multiple creams & moisturiser to safeguard my skin. I use Vaseline Body Lotion for my lower limbs. I use Garnier Body Cocoon for whole body in summers & Biocare Almond Cream in winters. I use raw almonds homemade powder with saffron & milk in winters in lieu of soap in winters. I believe more on natural products. I use Lotus Herbal Nutramoist for my face in summers & Garnier wrinkle lift in winters. Since three years, I indulge in whole body massage with Ayurveda therapeutic oil and it does wonders to my skin & soul.

  • Nails – I use Lakme nail paint for my toes. I don’t paint my hand but toes are most of the time painted and nails are in shape. Once in a week, I remove paints for the nails to breathe and massaging.

  •  Feetcare – I wash my feet with mild liquid soap or shampoo if liquid soap is finished and massage with VaselineBody Lotion. I keep it moisturised so not a single crack develops in my feet and my toe nails are painted with dark hues most of the time. Once in a fortnight, I soak & bathe my feet in salted hot water & add few drops of coconut oil. This cleanses the dead cells and it’s quite refreshing and if done before going to bed, then it induces to sound sleep.

  • Lipcare – I love Lakme lipsticks though I don’t use daily but still I have good collection of it. I love accumulating them in my wardrobe. It adds glow to my face. I use on formal occasions or when I feel like flaunting with my favourite colors.

In regular days, my beauty regimen consists of washing my crowning glory, having a hot water bath and dress up in ironed suit whether I stay at home or go out. I need to wear clean & creased dresses. I wear dash of sindoor, a round bindi adorning my face and few bangles dangling in my right wrist.

I keep myself stress free, take things lightly in life and I keep smiling.

This is my regimen, do share yours.

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  1. Loved your post and last line was so heart warming !!!

  2. I'm not really a beauty regimen person and if I remember to wash my face before I turn in for the night I feel I've done well. During winters moisturising oneself becomes a necessity. The 'keep smiling' bit makes a lot of sense.

  3. Ila ,I liked reading your beauty regimen. When you dress up for yourself then you feel good from inside too. It does not matter whether we go out or are at home.

    1. Yes Geethica, I dress up for myself first then for others and feel fresh & lively at heart.

  4. Simplicity is the best and that's what your post shows.Agree its more important to take care of your skin and hair than to use different beauty products. Thanks for writing for #MondayMommyMoments Ila:)

    1. Thanks Deepa for your sweet comment.

  5. I like the mantra of keep smiling and take things lightly....

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