We welcome the year with a bang and we see it off with a bang, but when the clock strucks 12, the night shuffles to New Year, the heart misses the beat, Ek kasak si rah jaati hain, ek bichadne ka gam…but this is how life is…it keeps on moving…rocking us on topsy & curvy lanes of life…at times it gives a jolt n at other times  life covers up smoothly…but we forget the unforgettable things and remember the odd days of life…Khushiyon ke din jyaada hote hain life main, phir bhi hum kaale badal ke saaye se pareshan ho jaate.

With the change of calendar, we too change with the years and our maturity level too enhances…jin baaton par roya karte the, aaj unhe yaad kar muskura dete hain, because we have grown up.

As I grew up, I inculcated the habit of severing the odd things from my life and associating with the best things that life gives us, but I try to learn from odds n try not to repeat it because if one repeats one’s mistake that means it’s not a mistake, the act has been done deliberately.

Let’s see how 2016 fared for me.

In last quarter of 2015, I decided to give up my job & took the decision that I will work for myself and I will be my own boss…decision wasn’t a cake walk, but once decided is final decision for me, because I don’t take random decisions wherein my life is at stake. I weighed all the pros and cons and then resigned to take up my passion of creative writing to a level wherein I can earn sum for myself, in backdrop, I fixed my regular income from other sources so that I don’t have to ask someone to aid me financially.

My passion got recognized at different levels in a short period of time, less than a year and I got to deliver some paid assignments & some unpaid. My poems got published, stories were liked by readers & I gained ample number of followers and I am well satisfied with my work and looking forward to gain momentum in coming time.

My health was quite crucial in 2015 but 2016 has given me high ups and I have recouped to a larger extent and dependence on others has reduced drastically and I feel happy for it.

The greatest surprise of life, I became Mom to my daughter-in-law and my dream to marry my son fulfilled and it went out as I had dreamt. Mom-in-law sounds a big stature so I chose to be her Mom and I have accepted her fully.

Dwindled between mixed feeling of seeing off my son & daughter-in-law to the destination they work. It was bit difficult but managed somehow & now my emotions have settled.

Marrying off a child comes with great responsibility & I take care that the things are carried smoothly.

Taking blogging to a next level, I feel at ease since my feelings, emotions, observations are jotted down & it helps to vents out unsaid..

Taking the risk of changing platform from financial markets to literature was a daunt challenge but feel happy that I am bridging the gap with my regular effort.

With years, perceptions has changed, panic attacks are no more, have become more adjusting to circumstances and have learnt to perform rather than day dreaming.

I believe in myself & developing to be more disciplined, decisive and happy soul to disburse smiles where ever I stand.

A Very Happy New Year 2017.

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