Life is the best teacher and learning lessons of life is an ongoing process; it never ceases. The day you stop learning; the flame of life is extinguished.

I firmly remember my school days when our bags were much heavy and my great granny used to make fun of us, saying, “Tumse bhari tumhara basta” and used to laugh heartily.

I replied in a low pitch, “haslo daadi, tumhe padhna nahin. Jab padogi to janogi.”

Now when I tread into the past, smile purses on recalling those days and I laugh out at my foolishness.

More than forty springs have passed of my life and now I have understood the minute details of life and became aware that in childhood bags were heavy but life was easy to handle but with maturity, life becomes tough if not handled with care and needs a lot of learning to understand what actually life is.

The school lessons are easy compared to the lessons of life.

There are specific rules, laws, theorems and conditions to understand the school lessons but in life, every minute is different from the minute passed and everyday is a new day. The formula that empowered you yesterday can betray you today, so you need to be alert at each step of life and learn the tricks to handle with care.

Life is not a bed of roses, it has prickly thorns so we need to learn how to beautifully adjust on the thorns just like roses that cheer up sprawled on the branches of thorns.

Life gave immense lessons and I derived practical & positive approach from life. The continuous ups and downs in life owing to poor health, poor approach of mentally sick people around taught me to bloom against adversity & smile in spite of all odds.

It’s easy to type but the journey wasn’t so easy. I had to go through several setbacks, at times, I felt that I lost the battle of life and I was ready to succumb to the pressures from all side.

One day, I was strolling in the nearby park, where people of all ages came to play, roam, take a break from busy life and to enjoy the caress of nature. There, I happened to meet a man, who sang very well and people gathered around him to hear his song. His voice was laden with emotions and it churned the hearts of many. He always had a smile on his face. One day, I marked that his legs were chopped and when enquired, he told me that the train ran on his legs and at the same time, his parents were crushed by the train and he had no one in this world whom he could call his own. The source of income was his songs which fetched him that much penny that he could barely survive.

His story left me speechless and then I reviewed my plight. I was far far better than this guy but still held so many grudges and evaded from been happy. It’s true, health is not in terms with me but at least, my organs  & body structure is fine. I have so many people around, yeah few are of sick mentality but at least, I have people whom I can call my own and brick battings from few are onus for me, they are giving me courage to listen and these petty challenges are making me stronger.

That day was the turning point in my life and I learnt to take the things in positive stride diluting or overlooking their negative aspect and I found that in pursuit of happiness, actually I was unconsciously collecting the negativity of life which was the reason that was taking me to regression.

Then and there, I stopped myself from divulging further and changed my way of perceptions and reflections.

I learnt to count on my blessings rather than cribbing for the things that I lacked in life and promised to be happy and thankful for the things that I own & conditioned myself to forgive the ignorant people around.

This lesson kindled the flame of happiness within me and however tough or adverse the situation is, I wear my smiles on & maintain my calmness.

I more thing, Life taught me.

There is no age bar for learning only you need to keep your ego aside & continue to learn the new lessons & adapt in your life.

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