“I promise, I will hold your hand throughout life and never leave you alone.” Ranjan said taking Priya’s hand in his hand. He was quite emotional.

“Are you sure, Ranjan…Soch lo…abhi bhi time hain.” Priya teased him & pulled his nose.

“Priya, I’m serious. Aren’t you? Don’t think I’m fooling around. I mean it really.” Ranjan replied.

“Why you are spoiling your life for me? Your family won’t accept a widow and I don’t want that you go against the wishes of your family, so don’t make false promises. I don’t want to rely on false hopes, already I had tough time to battle after I lost Sanjiv. With great difficulty, I have coped up. Don’t force me again in deep abyss, this time, I won’t return.” Priya explained to Ranjan.

Ranjan put his hand on her mouth insisting not to think anything negative. She is his love and he can go to any length to restore happiness in her life.

“Priya, you trust me. I will add all the joys of life in your life, but you need to build faith in me. Don’t scare me. I too have lost my first love and again, I don’t want to lose you…I love you, Priya.”

He took her in his arms and gave a peck on her cheek as a token of his love.

Priya stood motionless and she was speechless.

She had faith in Ranjan but her faith in God has shaken and so she did not wish to build in faith.

“Tomorrow, I am going to Shimla to visit my parents and will discuss in detail about our marriage and most probably will try to get arranged in a month or two depending on the auspicious dates.”

“I will wait for you, Ranjan. For how many days, you are going?” Priya enquired.

“Dear, I will be back within a fortnight. Start preparations of honeymoon.” Ranjan teased her.

“Don’t scare me, Ranjan.” Priya said in hushed tone.

“I won’t say anything. Let the time prove.” Ranjan said and took leave from her.

Priya was happy but unknown fear gripped her and she doubted her destiny.

Ranjan was back from Shimla but he didn’t meet Priya.

She grew suspicious. 

Next week, she received a call from her father and he disclosed that Ranjan has proposed him for marriage with her and he has approved.

“Priya, I’m happy for you. Next month on valentine day, you are getting married to Ranjan. I have transferred amount for marriage shopping and have booked tickets for Singapore for the honeymoon. My all best blessings beta.”

Priya’s eyes welled, it was the tears of happiness and she called up Ranjan to congratulate him.

Finally, the auspicious day arrived and they tied the knot submitting to each other.

“Priya, I kept my promise, now it’s your chance to vow.” Ranjan said with a smile.

Priya stepped forward, hugged him tight and said, “I promise to hold your hands forever through thick and thin” and sealed his lips with hers.

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Disclaimer: It’s a piece of fiction.


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