I am happy because I count my blessings rather than abusing Almighty for the shortcomings in my life.

There was a time in my life when I too had the habit of cribbing, lost control on my pangs of emotions and thought I was the unluckiest of all.

As I grew and started understanding the worldly whims then I realized, I was far better than others around and if others who are underprivileged are not complaining then why should I, who have got immense in comparison to many.

I didn’t count the materialistic pursuits only, I reprimanded all & concluded that I was lucky and then and there, I dropped the mask of gloomy nature behind, and prospered & bloomed into a smiling flower, who blooms in all season irrespective of wrath of weather. She stands firm and she looks so calm now that no one can see the violent turbulence inside (not always but at times there is, but not accessible to any).

When I transformed myself to positivism, I realized my potentials and bowed down to the Supreme Power who has blessed me in many ways.

  1. I feel lucky to be brought up in a large family which inculcated patience, perseverance and discipline and groomed me up with traditional as well as modern values. Taught me to respect elders and old.
  2. I was blessed with great grandparents & grandparents and I grew under their care. They were very lovable & caring and bedtime stories was my favourite pastime.
  3. My grandparents attended my marriage and played with my kids, it was indeed a blessing. My hubby haven’t seen his grandparents alive. I feel blessed and still remember the gleam on their faces at the time of my marriage & childbirth.
  4. I feel proud to be child of the parents who thinks about us only, their priority is their children and have sacrificed lot for rearing us and educating in prestigious schools. I feel privileged and still I am basking under the grace & love of parents…Am I not lucky?
  5. I thank God for blessing me with the virtue that whatever I do with my efforts never goes in vain…it brings blissful results…never wicket down. If it’s my creation and pain, it never goes unnoticed…been a multitasked and yearning for something new, I have worked in multitudes & have gone beyond my expectation.
  6. I am an emotional fragment, ever ready to help the needy in my capacity and sometimes beyond too, never turn my eye…I consider a virtue in myself and a heart that beats for the young & old, desperate people.
  7. I am touched to the ground, lives in ground reality though my aspirations and dreams soars high but my feet is firmly grounded.
  8. In worse circumstances, I never give up my power of looking at things with a positive note and dissolve distress without losing control on my emotions.


When I counted my blessings, I laughed at my foolishness for been nagging, irritating self & transformed myself into a happy self.

The consequence went far reaching, people wish to be around me and I keep smiling with a perspective to scatter happiness all around and feel happy to see the beautiful curve sailing on every face.

I firmly believe in the adage, “As you sow, so you reap” & “Scatter good things around and it acts as a boomerang, the good things will come back to you.”

I have experienced the good things coming back to me for all the good deeds and it paid on time when I was in great need.

Spread Smiles & Be Happy. Keep Glowing.

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