Back to Basics

I have seen life very closely, from the ground reality, where I had seen my grandparents following the old traditions and living a healthy life. Their habits included getting up early in the morning and do Suryanamaskar, when the sun rose scattering their early rays to all life on earth and the early rays were considered to be an elixir for life. Before Suryanamaskar, they had a bath after relieving themselves, so the system was thoroughly cleansed.

Life (routine) started with the sun rays & ended with the sunset. People were healthy and happy and they didn’t need routine checkups nor they popped any pills. They followed the traditional healing mostly through Ayurveda.

Gradually, the western culture influence set in and the next generation followed sincerely thinking that the earlier generation was outdated and the western culture came into vogue changing the total pattern of lifestyle.

People started leaving their beds when the sun shone over their head and other routines followed afterward. In adopting a western style, people messed up their daily basic routines. There was no time for brushing teeth, taking bath, relieving oneself. Waking up late made them do the things that were on priority and the basics were left. They started relieving themselves, when the system compelled them, the consequence was complicated lifestyle & diseases started attacking people. Doctors & medicine shop owners business multiplied.

If any senior ever suggested them to change their routine and go back to basics, they were brushed up saying, “This style of lifestyle is in vogue, what you all followed is outdated. This is the fad of today.”

Now after forty years, revolution is in to change the lifestyle of people to remain hearty and healthy, but you may have heard, “Old habits die hard” and this issue currently the people are facing to go back to basics.

The revolution that has set in is due to heavy advertisements on social media emphasizing on Yoga, Ayurveda, Lifestyle reforms etc.

Gradually people are accepting and trying to bring a change in their routines.

“Aa Ab Laut Chalein” funda is been followed but it is at a pace of a snail, so it will take a long time to bring total change among people.

Wellness center, Gym & Spa’s are cropping up to help the people to be back to basics but this time, people are parting with a huge sum to visit these centers to keep a check on their health and lifestyle.

Our grandfather cycled to the office and the current generation gets themselves relieved a bit early from office to cycle a stationary bike…What an irony?

“Der aayein durusth aaye”, people have turned to back to basics and religiously following what our forefathers followed.

People are walking slowly towards it, still, it is excellent on their part to follow.

I feel like singing, “Aa ab laut chalein”, we have started our journey to prosperity, health is wealth and this traditional approach will bring massive change around us.

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