Why Mamma Scolds Me?



Aruna was taking a nap in afternoon after meals. Ria’s cry broke her slumber. She silently walked down the bed to see why Ria was crying. Ria was sobbing in one corner.

“What happened dear?” Granny enquired.

“Mamma beat me up. She doesn’t loves me, all the time she scolds me.” Ria told her.

“Don’t cry. Come on, let’s go in the garden. I will tell you a story.” Aruna consoled her.

It was afternoon of early winters and the mellow sunrays were soothing n the beautiful butterflies were hovering on the bloomed flowers.

Aruna took a seat and grabbed Ria in her arms.

“Look at the beautiful butterflies, they are as beautiful as you.” Aruna said to Ria

“Nanny, their Mamma don’t scold them. They freely roam hither n thither upon their choice.” Ria said & tears welled up in her eyes.

“All Mother’s scold their children to groom them better, even I used to scold your Mom & when she was of your age, she too said the same thing to her Nanny. Look, Mothers are god send angels to take care of the young children and show them right path. To make the kids learn good things, Mom has to be strict at times and even Mom’s heart cries out when her child cries. Ria, it’s not only you alone that are been scolded or beaten when you don’t listen or is adamant to not to listen to elders.” Aruna explained her in simple terms.

“Mamma too got beating & scolding?” Ria asked Aruna.

“Yes, when she was a child.” Aruna said.

A sly smile pursed on Ria’s lips and she felt lighter.

“Thank you Nanny. My all grudges are gone now. I had developed many ill feelings towards Mamma & day by day, I was getting rigid. Now, I have understood the fact & now onwards, I will try to listen to her.” Ria said and she wrapped her small arms around her Nanny.

“God bless you, my child. You are wonderful.”

Ria’s mother, Shelley found subtle changes in Ria, she behaved well and tried to follow what she asked and Aruna informed her about her interaction with Ria.

Shelley kissed her Mom, Aruna.

Photo prompt written by Ila Varma Dec.2016.

Normal complaint of children towards their Mother, Why Mamma scold me?

I have tried to justify as per my notions.

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9 thoughts on “Why Mamma Scolds Me?”

  1. Shalzzz says:

    Mother-daughter relationship is truly beautiful and so is the grandparents-grandchildren relationship. This little story warmed my heart in ways I can't explain 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful tale this. A mother-child relationship is such a beautiful cycle 🙂

  3. My Era says:

    Moments shared with grandparents are enlightening and life changing for reasons you highlighted beautifully in this story.
    So glad Ria chose to change in her little ways paying heed to her grandma's words 🙂

  4. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for the like dear

  5. This is one complaint for which we sometimes don't have an answer. I have tried to control my anger many times n counted, with practice it seems to work now

  6. This is very beautifully explained . Parenting is difficult but we try to do the best we can .Thanks for linking up with#MondayMommyMoments

  7. deepagandhi says:

    Nice post Ila..Thanks for writing for #MondayMommyMoments 🙂

  8. nice words to soothe ruffled feelings.

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