Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Wishes!!!

Wishes are many and the Hope to achieve, keeps Life going and the hope that lingers makes the journey of life wonderful.

No person in this world are without wishes and the wishes are endless. One is answered, multiple wishes spins and we chase in our dreams to win them.

I too had numerous wishes and I achieved many except for some that I failed to achieve and that's the beauty of life.

Life fulfills your aims and aspirations but never cent per cent, few it keeps under his score to make life meaningful. Though, we get irritated and anxious over our failures and we think foul about life but just ponder over it, if all our wishes would be answered, then life would be meaningless and monotonous...hope you agree with me.

The failures and non-fulfillment makes us strong in chasing our dreams and we strive hard to hit and when we achieve after yearning, we realize the importance of it.

I may sound philosophical, but we all know that it is bare truth of life.

Man is emotional so it gets angry or is devastated over failures in life but in the long term the same person who passed the test of time and withstood the challenges, is more stable in his life later on.

At this juncture of life, my nest is empty. My kids whom I reared under my wings soared high and flew to build their own times, I feel lonely but the feeling that they are doing well satiates me and I feel contended.

What are my wishes as of now?

Numerous but today I will unfold three of them on the eve of Christmas and wish that Jesus blesses my wishes and is fulfilled as destined.

I am not in a hurry to get all of it in momentum and I strive that gradually it stands fulfilled so that there won't be rush in the board room of heaven & Lord will have enough to disburse.
I hope that one day it is fulfilled and this flame of hope will keep me going.

I wish that when I mellow with age, silver streaks gleams and wrinkles glow on my face, my health improves and am blessed with best of it so that my golden years of life moves on smoothly without any support and I can be independent as I was as in my teens. It might not be easy for Jesus because I am his favourite child whom he blessed with so many shortcomings but knew that my smile won't fade with pain and I never grumbled or complained. But now I wish to see a change in my life & be sportive, so my close associates are not concerned about me.

Second wish is that in the coming years our Mother Earth be free from pollution and we can enjoy the greenery sprawling around and we get fresh air to breathe which will evict many diseases and stress from people's lives. Flora and fauna multiplies and the glorious earth bears happy people all around and the world be a better place to live in. Once again, I wish to hear the chirping of birds and watch flowers swaying in soft breeze caressing the leaves and I enjoy the beauties lying on the green carpet of nature.

Third wish is that my love for my dearies multiply and their love for me enhances with time so that we can spend quality time together which we did not get in prime stage of youth because of varied responsibilities of life. And the people who love you now are your true lovers.

Wishes are endless as it is a natural human instinct but I keep others for the next time.

Do drop your comment about my views on Three Wishes.

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  1. What better wishes than Health, the the love of the Earth and that of your Family. Clearly you are on the right track to happiness Ila.

  2. Beautifully said...I hope god is reading your blog. Good luck :-)

  3. perfectly said and wished !! …check out blogging contest here

    1. Thanks Ruchi...checked the details, will participate for sure