Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 12 Months!!!

January brings Cold & Shiver
Hot Piping Coffee & Ginger Tea
Hails  to our rescue.
February warms us with cool sun-rays
Displaying beautiful flowers in lanes
March springs with colors & soft breeze
The sweaters & pullovers are backpacked 
Ready with colors to play.
April makes entry with heated sun-rays
Wild breezes brings dust everywhere.
May drenches us with sweat
Cold shakes & ice-cubes 
Saves us from dehydration.
Colorful, myriad & scented flowers
Bloom in June
July comes with showers
Petrichor envelops
Rejuvenating our minds
The Sun glares  in August
The golden corns stand in fields
September is favorable for farmers
Harvest is lavish.
October softens  the Sun
Children delight  & have fun
November creeps in 
With low temperature 
Sweat & distress are far away
The breezes of December
Are cold & clear
We wrap ourselves 
To relish the cool weather
The myriad blossoms are 
Treat to the eyes
Hot & Spicy food 
is on plate.
The Twelve months
With different nomenclature
Are far distinct from each other
Holding back monotony faraway 
Bestowing fascination in our lives.
© Ila Varma December 2016.
Pic Source: here


  1. true, these changes in season hold back monotony in our lives. April is my favourite month :)

  2. /now, that's a pretty lovely wordsmith-worthy summation of a year.

    1. Wow...thanks for the compliment, I never thought of it even in my dreams. I feel elated. Thanks Sid.

    2. Beautifullt described the 12 Months of the year.

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