Friday, December 30, 2016

Story in 99 words!!!

                                                                                 Source: here

"Wow, great paintings. This painter's painting has depth in it, what's his name?" Papa asked me.

"This is Ashwin, Papa. You like his paintings." Arjun asked Pa.

"Yes beta, I want to buy one of his paintings." Mr.Choudhary said.

"I will gift you on your coming B'day. Ashwin is pen name of the painter and the painter is standing before you." Arjun said.

"Where is he?" He asked.

"Papa,it's me."

"You never told us"

"You disliked.I secretly pursued and here I am." Arjun said.

"Sorry Arjun, I never saw beyond the painters painting hoardings." Tears of happiness welled up.

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