One Single Life!!!

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One Single Life
We have
Drop the worries flat
That we have fed in hurry
Put an end
To chase the gone days
It will call more fury
Nor future we can foresee
What it holds for
Wean out
From the work of
building pressure

Over Tomorrow.
The pattern of worry
& hurry
Peace of mind
Start trusting in righteous
Bequeathing the
A beautiful surprise
Awaits at the door
Calling Us
On the eve of
New Year 2017.

Strike the keys of
Happiness & Smiles
To commence the year
New resolutions
Easy & elusive.

Some we follow
Some we drop
It feels to be
On cloud nine
Scribbling them
To take it further.

With few follow ups
We mend our ways
And by the years
We mature & be wise
Which takes us to fresh rise.

© Ila Varma 28 Dec.2016
Linked to Wordle 275.

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