Regretting the past and worrying about the future will further flatten the time in which you are living and celebrate today and try to employ the most of it.Write a post on the celebration of Today…This moment is the only truth. #CelebrateTodayThisMoment

Unconsciously or consciously, we are more hooked to our past that can be relived and coming future which none has seen ever, still we live more in these times than rejoicing in present. The present is more neglected chasing past and future and the consequence is we aren’t satisfied with the phases of life…and who is responsible for these complexities in life…We, the people who believe that our brain is super power and can work accordingly…but the life unfolds in a different way altogether and day by day, the stress increases thereby resulting in anxiety, diseases and depression.

One day, I was just contemplating my activities and found that there are many reasons which do not let us to enjoy the present and we need to work out on it to enjoy the present glory of our life.

When we meet someone close to us, be it friend, family or close associate, we start our complains of not ringing up, lack of communication…blah, blah…we ruin our present meeting because of past and we add one more line so that we don’t miss future tense…the line goes like this..  “Abhi tumhara yeh haal hain, baad main na jaane kya hoga”…common taquiakalam of majority, even I am in.

I worked on it, because in complaining, we soured our present with the person with whom we have expectation…and the result is that we messed the present meeting. The expectation is always with the closed ones…I strictly followed not to complain on meeting or over phone, it’s better to enjoy in the present rather than getting mood off brooding of the past and now I find myself cheerful and happy after each meeting which comes unplanned and rather it is a surprise.

Another thing that I worked on and tried to eliminate from my life, coaxing kids to perform better or racing them for future and if ever they failed, carry over throughout their career. I found that this acted more on demotivating the child rather than motivating and unconsciously we are tough on them and they are more pressurized dwindling between past n present. Let them live in present, don’t make mistake to recall the failures to them off & on or instilling fear of hardships in future. They directly hurt their sentiments and affects their personality in growing years. Just work with them n present. I have seen many bright students getting demotivated or out of track due to over pressure. Let the buds bloom into bright flowers.

If I write, there could be hundreds of examples. Watch out in your life, what is ruining your future & rectify and live in Present…the best phase of life.

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