Thursday, December 1, 2016


Language is a medium of expressions and interaction with people and it doesn’t matter which language you speak. Basically, our country’s ancient languages were Sanskrit & Devanagari script but when people flocked to other countries or British took over our country in their hands then people fretted because they couldn’t understand the language of Firangi’s and then gradually, people started learning this foreign language English and even during the rule of British, English language was added in the school curriculum.

In those days, it wasn’t a fad like today to converse in English, simply, it was taken as a language of communication.

Still the major chunk speak in their own languages, but English is much in practice and maximum people are studying in English medium schools.

It’s not bad to adopt English in instruction or communication but its worse to judge one’s education & knowledge in terms of language and humiliate them for not having the fluency in English or make them an object of laughter and crack jokes.

Nowadays, along with awareness, even the illiterate people has updated themselves with the words of English which are in regular use in communication.

English language is easy comparative to Hindi in writing, so maximum people prefer to write in English. Hindi is tough comparative to English. This is my view that I hold and I do write in English to get it done fast.

I totally disagree that fluency in English adds sparkle to one’s personality.😁

Look at the beauty pageants, in Miss World & Miss Universe, girls from around the globe participate and there are some, who take help of interpreters to communicate or answer the questions.

Are they less qualified or does their sparkle lessens?

We Indians are more conscious because we have moved away from our language and in a way adopted foreign language as own language and we have messed up. Neither we have command on our parent language nor we could do well in English…I’m talking of the masses. Don’t take my words individually but on the whole, we are surviving with “Toote Phoote English & Hindi” and Sanskrit took a back seat.

In academic curriculum, Sanskrit exists, but people study to pass out and see the foreigners, they are studying our ancient language Sanskrit and they take pride in it and even converse in Sanskrit.

My view is simple, speak the language in which you feel free to express your emotions, it can be Hindi, Sanskrit or English.

Knowledge, Confidence & Positive Attitude adds beauty and worth to a personality.

The expression of Love & Smiles has no language to communicate, still it is contagious 💓

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  1. English is the language of bread earning. Since most major global economy is dependent on knowledge of English, many want to learn English. Till we become such powerful that we can dictate terms in our own language, people will have to learn English. Look at Chinese, French, Russian, German they do business in their own language. But they are at a handicap.