Monday, November 14, 2016

When I was A Child!!!

As I was flipping through the pages of the album, this snap of mine with my brother, my perfect partner in crime...Don't go on his looks...he looks cute & innocent but he is away from these two in practical life.

Blogadda WOW prompt, "When I was a child" prompted me to meander down the lane of childhood n bring back the sweet memories of past, where we fussed so much that at times, Mom used to get annoyed and lose patience but we hardly cared.

Childhood days are the wonderful days of our when I rewind the gone days, I feel at a loss to have severed myself from the golden era of life where we only knew, life means fun & we fully enjoyed n at times, enjoyed the look on the face of my Mom, an anxious look but her love for us made her forget our tantrums.

There is a gap of only two years between brothers and when we were small, we started crying & throwing tantrums simultaneously...but now I remember how patiently she handled silently.

The days of childhood are the best because there is no stress and the children are the king of house and elders shower all their love and affection and pamper us so much that we feel loved and center of attraction.

There are no policies to be followed, no routine to stick to, no cut-throat competition, no thought of leg pulling, no thought of status and dignity. All seem equal, no disparity...Yeah, Life is a just wonderful garden and the children are the lovely flowers of the garden.

Just watch the glow on my face on getting a tricycle as a birthday gift, now even if I get a Mercedes then too such a smile won't spread on my face now. This is the true innocence of a child, who is not worried about financial management and receiving gifts of his choice leaves him drenched in joy & satisfaction and the shelter of parents means a lot, which I miss now.

Crying and sprawling on the floor to gather the attention of parents...can I do the same now...if I repeat it, I would be taken as a mental case...My name is the same n my parents are the same...So what changed My temper, my outlook, my perceptions. In early days, we don't have any inhibitions and we act as heart says.

The golden era moved out with life but reminiscences are fresh in memory and I love to dwell in those moments of love and laughter and these snaps of childhood give me goosebumps n revive the past glory.

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  1. How life changes! Some things are just not acceptable to do after you grow. Those very things now seem so endearing. Nice pictures. 😃

  2. Hahaha - oh yea, that golden age..... Funny read, and nice clicks - Sure childhood memories can be so fun:-) Happy to read yours:-)

  3. Childhood is indeed bliss. We crave to go back there. Bad sad and strange indeed is the way of life, we get them only once.

  4. Beautiful reminiscence Ila!

  5. Such cute pictures and lovely memories of the past. Reading your post, I remember one that I had written about my brother. Read when you get time -

  6. Thanks Parul ,read yours too. This is in my son's voice

  7. It is always a lovely experience to go back to the good old days......I have a few pics here of my childhood and when I show them to my kids, my daughter insists that those are her photos....:)....And yes, you are right....we cannot do what we did then.....who will listen.....:(...