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Trekking word sounds so adventurous, so just think how
the expeditions would be. It’s quite adventurous and requires physical training
to endure walking on heights and proper backpack to be ready for the trekking.

People especially the youngsters who are ready to accept
risks and motivated to take up trekking but first one should plan before
starting for trekking. It’s better if one gets his/her health check-up and is
certified by the doctors to take up mountaineering expeditions. On heights,
there are lot of possibilities of lowering of oxygen level, so the person with
heart and lung ailments are not allowed to take up trekking. The people with
fear of heights and physically disabled in hinds too are not advised to partake
in these expeditions.

In reality, trekking on mountains are very exciting and
adventurous but one needs to be fit and fine to taste the experiences of
trekking. The base camp trekking are more interesting and fun – filled because
you get a chance to wait in late evenings or nights among the valleys and
mountains and the experience of staying in the lap of nature is awesome and one
feels elated and light at heart, away from bitter stress of life.

Before taking up expeditions, please follow few steps to
reap maximum benefit from the journey.

  • Plan your trip: Proper planning will execute amazingly,
    planning not only includes dates of itinerary; the budget or the amount your
    wallet allows, proper season to go for trekking and then chalk out the dates
    and accordingly book your dates for adventurous expedition.

  • Get your health check-up done by the physician and book
    the dates if physician allows to take up trekking

  • If you are going for the first time, then choose the best
    season for trekking, that is March to May & September to November. The
    weather neither hot nor cold, it’s pleasant and no rains. Monsoons are the worst
    for trekking. Once people are through, they plan their trips in season of their
    choice. If you wish to experience cold and ice then you can prefer to start in
    December but do remember to carry enough warm clothes to wrap on especially at

  • Backpacking is the most important in this itinerary and
    be prepared for all the possibilities and do carry the things you will need
    during the trip. Make a list of the things required and buy for yourself.

  1. First aid box & Important Medicines
  2. Toiletries
  3. Dry fruits & Refreshments
  4. Full cap & Gears according to the climate
  5. Trekking Shoes
  6. Warm Clothes
  7. Water Bottles.
  8. Keep a small diary with contact numbers
  9. Walking Stick.

  • If you are in a small group, you can distribute the items
    and carry but if you are with a big group, you can keep a porter to carry the
    items, a cook to cook food for the group.
  • It is always advisable to hire an experienced guide who
    can guide you throughout the journey.

Base camp trekking are wonderful where you break in your
journey and enjoy the beauty of nature, it’s truly inspiring and majestic.

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with interesting itinerary, so do grab the exquisite offers and make your
trekking experience memorable.

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