Monday, November 7, 2016

Period Pride

The topic of Menstruation, flow and periods were the hush hush topics till yesterday and it wasn’t discussed openly in families. Each n every woman went through and it’s quite a normal thing, but it was the thing to be ashamed of and there were many inhibitions and taboos associated with it.

I do remember, in my childhood days, I saw my Mom n Aunts to stay away from kitchen for three-four days n they slept separately and when anyone asked about them in their period of exile, they were told that they were not well and now I think that the matured men understood the reason but it was beyond my thought to understand the reason, so in simple words, I understood that they were ill but a conflict arose in my mind that why they were not allowed to take their food or give us food or snacks, they appeared more as untouchables.

When I was in my 12 years, my mother & granny used to ask me umpteen times in hushed tone about bleeding in panty and they were on vigil. At that moment, I didn’t understand their concern but now I have understood. My menstruation was late than normal girls, so they were more concerned but they never explained me clearly.

Soon, my younger sister had her period on time and she was exiled just like my Mom n Aunt, sleeping in another bed, not allowed in kitchen blah...blah. I directly asked my sis, she told me that she was bleeding n Maa had asked her to refrain from entering kitchen & puja room, washing hair and touching pickle jars and be vigilant in changing sanitary napkins n staining dresses and not to discuss with anyone…I understood the Mazraa behind this hush hush and been rebellious since childhood, I told my Mom that if you are continuing since nonsense practice of exiling people in periods then I won’t ever disclose to you…I hate this practice.

“Thud” a hard slap hit my face…this was my Mother.

“How do you say nonsense? All members abide by n are you the one exceptionally unique from others…you are bleeding and keeping it a secret.” This was my Mom, fast n furious.

I told her that I wasn’t bleeding but I feel very bad watching this practice and if I come of age n start my periods, I don’t want to go through such practices.

I was in my 15th year and every now n then, the hushed topic of the ladies of my house was that my periods were late in spite of proper physical features n they persuaded me to see the doctor for the same. By this time, I understood the pangs of period’s n was reluctant to visit doctor for the same. Granny gave me one year’s time to wait for it else it was compulsion to see the doctor. I was relieved for a year but my bickering continued about the age old practice.

Before completing 16th birthday, stains of flow showed up and the elder ladies were relieved that I had joined their group but a rebel has its own way. I slept on the same bed, went into the kitchen and led normal life and this way my younger aunt n sis too was relieved from their monthly punishments.

I felt proud of myself that I helped in bringing a change and I led a normal life, the flow did not disturb my daily routine, only I refrained from God worship…maybe the fear of unseen power held me back.

When I was in Tenth, our biology teacher explained the reason of ovulation and its importance in women’s life, I was amazed to know about the production house that a woman carries and how ovulation helps to manufacture eggs with the amalgamation of man’s sperm.

The child is regarded as a soul of God and so the woman who carries the life in her womb for 9 months should be worshipped as goddess and this Period should be regarded as a Pride of a Woman who makes her eligible for motherhood.

The mothers should openly discuss and explain the ins & outs of periods and educate every daughter how to manage herself in periods and lot more associated with it….it is a thing of Pride that God has bestowed to every female on earth.

How to take care of Periods Pride?

  • Maintain cleanliness n good hygiene.
  • Change sanitary napkins at proper intervals and in case of heavy flow, change whenever you feel uncomfortable with the flow.
  • Carry extra napkins while going at work or school.
  • Discomfort tit bits are normal in periods but if you experience excruciating pain n discomfort, immediately see the doctor.
  • Never neglect discomfort, pain n heavy flow, there can be medical emergency & follow Maya app, best friend of a complete Woman.
I feel proud to be a woman and I take special care of myself during my sacred days.

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  1. So important to talk about this. I'm proud too and there is nothing to be ashamed of. it is our biology no matter what someone might say. Woman and proud of everything that entails being a woman :)

  2. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

    1. Thanks for stopping by n appreciation