The Friday Reflections ask me to elaborate about My Weakness…Oh…it’s difficult to spot own weakness.

Just for a try, ask someone to spot weakness of someone known or unknown, they will count on it in seconds n reverse the game, they will stop n brood and fight within hundred times before spelling out their own weakness…it’s the human instinct and it is universal truth for the human on the planet Earth.

Let me see how I explain my weaknesses and what are they?

The five important ones:-

I am an emotional fool and build castles in the air and when it crashes, my dream rushes down too leaving me drained & heart broken…don’t mistake for love-life…Dil bahoot reasons se tootta hain… πŸ™‚

I burst out badly when I am in real anger…it’s the outrageous one and I forget the prominence n existence of the person whose class I take…the spurts don’t take up easily n it’s conditional. If my close associates don’t respect my words & if the onlookers n other person try to cheat me or is dishonest, then i handle them with great care…with extra effort.

Tears…tears…tears…they take toll of my pain or hurt…roll down easily and at times, they embarrass me…at times, I love to conquer the conquest of tears but it fails me. I lose myself more often.

I take time to get associated with someone but once I gain confidence in people, I carry on the relationship n my intense dreams & expectations get associated with them. I consider it my weakness because if a person ditches or breaks relation, I am spurned, so I take time to associate in the first place.

Music is my greatest weakness and my best friend in both, best time or the worst time, music exists always. It’s a great healer n balm for my soul.

There are numerous, but I found these five the best to share with my readers & friends.

Wish You All A Joyful Day Ahead!

β€œThe true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” β€” William H. Gass




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