Till I didn’t meet Alia on Dear Zindagi, I knew the simple literal meaning of Jug, the vessel which could hold drinking water.

When I read the whole story of Dear Zindagi, then I came to know or my lessons were revised as she called Shahrukh Khan by the name JUG, whom she considered her friend, mentor, a special friend with whom she was free to discuss right from politics to her likes n dislikes and where she did not had to wear masks or pretend, rather she was quite frank n open, with no formalities n inhibitions.

I loved the word JUG and hence its usage, here too it is close to its literal meaning, the person whom we call JUG is the one who holds all your emotions and cooperates at every juncture of your life and never judges you, rather gives you freedom to soar high and spread your wings in the way you like.

I thought for a moment and found that my pet Rocky was my JUG, who patiently handled me…you all must be feeling what I am saying…yes, it’s true…he cared for my comforts in all possible ways.

When Rocky was brought in the family, my kids took great care of him but due to higher studies, they had t leave my nest and now we husband wife was left to be with Rocky. He missed the kids badly and gradually became attuned with us.

In those years, I was diagnosed with neuropathy and my movements were restricted and I found immense changes in Rocky.

When I would be alone at home, he would never ask for food or water. When I felt better to move then I would give his meal and he would walk in my pace with me while going for toilet or pee. I was astounded by his love n concern for me, even the humans can’t cooperate, the way he did. He was quite patient with me.

If anybody in family would scold him, he would come to me and sit at my back. He was sure of my motherly instincts to save him, so our respect n concern for each other was mutual.

At times, when I felt rigidity in my joints, I kept the door open. He used to sit between the space of the door & made sure that none barged in till I gave green signal, his honesty & obedience was mind blowing.

When I would feel low, he will sit near me and play with me wagging his tail or tried to make weird movements of his body to see the smile on my face. He was a great observer too.

He was special in many ways. He lived up to eleven years and all throughout never ever, he went into the kitchen & puja room, never pee or toilet inside the premises and never touched or destroyed a bit in house.

He was truly my Jug, who understood my feelings by watching my face and my movements gave him idea of my health issue.

I felt like a god was living with us and always thinking of our welfare and safety.

May God bless his soul & rest in peace.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

 (‘Who’s Your Jug?’ – #DearZindagi Activity!)



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