Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Best Birthday!!!

From the day, I gained senses, I was very much particular about my birthday celebration n every year, and I waited with enthusiasm doubled each year n even the friends doubled over the years. Till, I was a tiny tot, my mother used to take me to Hanuman Mandir, Patna to receive the blessings of the Lord & get snapped at Shadow Studio, Patna.

Gradually, the custom began to celebrate birthdays at home, where she tried her culinary skills and prepared delicacies of the choice of B’day girl, sweets, balloons and cake. All my friends were invited and we had a gala party and enjoyed every minute of it along with family n friends and after all the guests were see off, it was the time to unpack the gifts.

The major attraction of b’day party and the curiosity to know what was all in the packaged packets. The people take long time to ready the gift packaging and we tear off mercilessly to see what it holds. 😄

This custom continued till I was Eleven years old, after that I started in my own way of celebration. The cooking part was the Mumma’s department, but the decorations and amusements sessions I chose and got it done along with my younger sis. My birthday falls in May, so we had long summer vacations and we had ample free time to organise the events in our best way.

All of a sudden, a proposal came and my marriage was settled when I was in my sweet sixteen. The charm of sweet sixteen had done its job of attracting and some unknown was attracted and he directly visited my Pa for the alliance. No one was prepared in my family but finally the proposal was accepted.

Thirty years ago, girls did not had the voice to protest and had to agree. The marriage was to be solemnized next year.

I requested my parents to see if they get marriage date on my birthday. I was asked to explain the reason…It was my childishness, now I feel and I laugh at myself.😆

I was very particular about my birthday celebration, this day was special in my life and I wasn’t sure whether my in-laws or hubby will remember my b’day, so if the marriage date falls on the same day, then certainly it will be celebrated.

My demand was accepted by parents and finally I was married on my birthday. It was the day which changed my life and me completely. It was the game changer event and certainly a big day in my life, when I got a caring and doting partner, who gave me freedom to fly with my own wings.

I am into thirty years of marriage and till today, my birthday is celebrated every year with great pomp n show and every year, it is celebrated in a new way.

Now people tease me, you chose marriage day and b’day on the same day, you miss one party every year…but I don’t have any regrets for it.

My best birthday was the day when I got married and as a gift, my parents gifted me a person who could take care of me lifelong.💕

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  1. Thats such a sweet post. I have a cousin whose Marriage falls on Bday [ but for her it was a coincidence, not a planned one like yours] Its double fun when 2 biggest celebrations fall on same day.
    Njoy! Wish you a happy bday + happy Anniversary for your upcoming ones..

  2. That's so sweet. I am sure the child in you is still alive.. Great post

  3. sometime childish act is not always childish....aapka ek kharcha toh kam ho gaya.