Parenting isn’t an easy task, we all know and people make it more difficult if they vent out their frustrations n burdens on the innocent n cute kids, who are bundles of joys in real sense.

There are few things that the parents, to be parents or who are the parents need to be reminded of that while rearing your child, try to visit down the memory lanes of your childhood n recall the tantrums you created and how efficiently they handled without giving up.

Nowadays, when I happen to come across the parents especially the Mom’s, they are perplexed n frustrated in rearing their kids or kid (most couple opting for single child), and have so many issues at hand.

If they complain about the child to me, I have a simple answer or you can say my takiakalam, “Apna bachpan yaad karo aur bachcha palo.” and this is very true also. If you keep in your mind, your golden days of childhood, you won’t lose your temper rather you will enjoy looking after them.

What I feel, people forget their past dramas of childhood n blame their kids for creating restlessness in their life, but if you see practically, we all are mind-blowing in our childhood days and the child should be active. A normal child will be restless n will keep you on your toes.

Never say, “Hum aise nahin the?”

We all were worse than the present ones. Present ones are sophisticated, they don’t eat mud n chalk, we did in our times.

I reared my kids remembering my days of childhood and never lost temper on them, till they really did something that called for punishment, rather I enjoyed with them n felt that once again, I revisited my childhood and became innocent bachcha with them. Even I rectified the mistakes that my parents did to pamper me out of love.

Enjoy the joys of parenting, it’s a golden chance once in a lifetime phase and when you will  be out of that phase, you will miss the best phase of life and the memories of the past will be the treasure to cherish life long.

Whenever I meet couple who are distressed due to child, I ask them to recall their past n repeat my pet dialogue and there is immense truth in it.

Many don’t wish to go for a child, due to demand of attention by the child.

I try to make them understand and ask them to indulge into to feel the joys of parenting and it even disciplines oneself.

Give time to your child and pluck the joys, revisit the lanes of your childhood with your child and play with them as friends.

Company of kids is a great stress booster n it rejuvenates our entire system, body, mind and soul.

Parenting is complex but best gift from nature.

By Ila Varma, Oct.2016.

The views are solely mine and is not influenced by anyone. My writings speak of my experiences, observation and realities that I find going on around me.


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