I hid joy under my palm

never parted

till someone

asked for alms.

When I grew tall


in the paths

of hunger

of pain

of poverty.

The pangs of pain

hit me hard

shivering my soul

I promised myself

to stand for those

who are really in need

of time, money & care.

I parted

with my share

to help.

At times

My soul was bruised

or landed in

dire circumstances

by the erratic behavior

of few vapid souls


I continued my way

Forgiving all

who wounded me

in the adjoining lanes

of diffusing joys.

Sending smiles

to all lives

that needed

my hand

I felt vibrant & bouncy

in my calculations.

© Ila Varma Nov.2016

Linked to Three Word Wednesday 503 & 504


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