Yes, it’s true, Life is unpredictable and life is such that the things that we predict never ever happens at the right time…Our wishes n desires are fulfilled but not at the time we thought to crack, but the time life has stored for us.

People say that everything is predestined…how to believe when we are unaware what the things are predestined?

Life is unpredictable n tough for those who see as tough n easy for those who readily accept each n every move of life, without twitching the brow.

I am no exception, I too go through the same.

My early marriage was an unpredictable moment for me as well as for my parents, family n all those who knew me and in three months, I was transformed totally not in girth but in worth.

The careless who moved in trousers n frocks till yesterday was engaged…unbelievable.

I pinched myself several times if really it happened or was it a passing nightmare…I have used the word nightmare here because I was reluctant at the tender age of 16 years to get hitched to a man whom I had not seen or heard of.

I too had a dream of a Prince who would come some day and ask for my hand. The Prince did come but not to me, his move was directed towards my parents. They too were not mentally ready to see me off on the pretext of marriage, so they asked time to think n rethink.

The matter was not disclosed to me but round table discussion was on. My mother was not ready to pack me up to in-laws place knowing that I had ambition to do something good in life and marriage could be a hurdle.

The round table discussion with extended family concluded with the decision to start the move from the alliance, the groom had asked my hand. He had seen me in some gathering n had decided to make me his princess n straight away, he had contacted my Pop.

Twenty- nine years back, parents never ever thought that the bride need to be asked or informed about the alliance or her decision matters…nothing of that sort…but it was believed that she will accept all that is said.

Same thing happened to me, I was asked to summon in a sari with earrings etc. at a nearby temple.

Before this day, I had never tried earrings, bangles or bindi in my life and I found it weird but chose to keep silent respecting elders.

Finally, I stepped in the temple and fleet of people surrounded me n barged several questions like Lord Shri Ram arrows.

I felt as if I was moving like,

“Suraj Hua Maddham, Chaand Jalne Laga

Aasmaan Yeh Haai Kyoon Pighalne Laga…

Main Thehra Raha, Zameen Chalne Lagi

Dhadka Yeh Dil, Saans Thamne Lagi”

I was literally trembling with fear of these outstretched eyes and answered all the questions wrong, I tried hard to sound confident but all my boldness flowed out of my body. I was mentally blank.

In spite of giving wrong answers, I was selected. The choice of the boy mattered, these all that was reeling were gimmicks, in the name of formality.

Finally, my marriage was fixed.

On the day of my engagement, I was crying. People rejoice but unknown fear of losing my people, my family, my future added to my desperation and I cried a lot.

I was engaged but my parents bought time of a year to complete my Plus 2 at least n the groom party was communicated about continuing further studies and it will be my decision.

The event of engagement created some magic on me and I carefree girl gradually started transforming for the good, becoming more responsible, learning home décor and polishing culinary skills along with my studies.

In one year time, I was totally changed, my outlook n perspectives changed and that was the magic of unpredictable life who predicted my marriage as per its choice and changed me completely.

I was adamant fellow and followed what I liked but this life made me kneel down as per its choice.

We are mere puppets in the hands of life and we play as per its directions.

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