“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of
his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t
–Henry Ford

Fear is the word quite common in our lives and the greatest
fear a man has is to lose his life. Hold an infant away from you, they will
pull you towards them or catch you tight…so a small infant unaware of the worldly
things too has a fear of life.

Everyone has some fear embedded in them, fear of heights,
depth, loneliness, water, animals, cockroach and lizards.

Cockroach n lizards are enough for few women to drain out
their energy, they have so much fear from these small creatures.

I am no exception and I too had fear. Born n brought up in a
large family where we did not a fix bed or place to sleep, we got the comfortable
space but it wasn’t specified, so in the beginning of my childhood, I had a
fear of been left alone and loneliness ate me but with the passing years, I
came out of it but the shadow of dreaded fear was deeply embedded in me, fear
from Dead.

A death in the family or in neighborhood moved me from
within and just a news of a death disturbed my mental peace to the core and the
affect was cumbersome.

The news revolved in my mind and several questions erupted
regarding death which is inevitable and the date is fixed but no creature on
earth knows when the end is. The news troubled me a lot and been emotional, it
took a toll of my physical n mental capacitors n basically, it crippled my
routine and my movements.

If the person would be known, the picture used to revolve in
front of my eyes and all the incidents n moments spent would revolve around
breaching peace of mind and what happened next was frightening…I used to land
in high temperature, utter weakness and no appetite. Even I couldn’t intake
enough water. It was a matter of concern for the parent’s n elders of my

A news of death terrified me so much and so no one allowed
to go near the place of death or to see the corpse. Many times, my mother didn’t
disclose the news of death to keep me away from nervous breakdown due to death.

Really, it was one of the bad phase of my life and it
continued for long years.
I have been able to overcome this fear after crossing four
decades of life and through this transition, life wasn’t easy, it created a lot
of turbulence in health conditions and used to be wary.

After lot of explanations about life & death, reading
books and magazines, practicing breathing techniques and age & maturity
gradually cleared my fear.

Finally, I conquered my fear, the journey to overcome was
not so easy rather it was tough. It was tough to accept the harsh reality of
life and my well-wishers, friends & family came to my rescue in helping me
to erase the fear of death.

Death do stirs my emotions but I have accepted as a phase of
one’s life n take it in a positive way.

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but
he who conquers that fear.”
–Nelson Mandela

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