Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Zindagi!!!

Dear Zindagi,
Whenever I am in a fix, I am at wits end and ask you, “Why you always choose me. Aye Zindagi, yeh to bataa Tera iraada kya hai?”

You don’t reply to my question but your actions speak much louder & it shakes me thoroughly…Zindagi tumhare pyaar se darr lagta hai, Re.

When I run my eyes around, I find that whenever anyone is in fix, he asks you the same question though the ways are different but your existence is there. At times, I feel sorry for you too, when I am happy and catch people swearing you…but it’s your humdrums which makes each individual cry out and are helpless, all stakes & shares are in your department…Don’t you think that you keep testing people to the core and their writhing gives you happiness, I feel, that’s the reason you are after people, chasing everywhere…even in dreams, you don’t leave….Zindagi…that’s not fair.  ;)

You are a good friend from the perspective that throughout life, till we breathe, you are with us and you never give up. We give up numerous times but you don’t. You sever the relationship on the day, heaven gives us a final call.

As a friend, you are the one who slogs along in trying times as well as in spring of life, a true friend but cunning at heart…at times, you screw us tight.

Lagta hai…I criticized you more than required…Sorry Dear…Maaf kar do…you are the one who take us out of the trouble and open our eyes to see the truth prevail.

Dear Zindagi, I am thankful that I was born in a family where I was the apple of the eye of the family and they showered all their love on me…it was a testing time for them too as I was born with an ailment and was a female child…but despite my shortcomings, none neglected me or isolated rather all were on toes to rectify my ailments…so you gave me a chance to gaze their love which was pure and real.

I was born in a joint family so I had the privilege to experience the love and affection of all other than my set of parents…Zindagi, it was all your blessing.

When I was in teens, again you gave me a shock of life and I was very hurt & cried a lot and my each sob cursed you to bless me with deadly disease where I had to take utmost precautions, taking hot water bath in hot summers, no ice-creams or cold desserts…all my favorite things were snatched by you, but in the long run, I found a positive side of this breach of life, I grew more stronger at heart and could digest tougher issues of life. The disease scarred my body but my soul was unscathed and you, my dear friend…it was all your grace.

As I grew, I met numerous faces and maximum wore masks and it was pretty difficult for me to identify the real ones and in this trial error game, initially I failed and incurred losses of wealth & mental health but this exercise made me able to identify the real people and the impostors. You did not help me in the beginning but you transformed my personality and improved my thought process. Now, I realize that if you did not tie with the unmatched situation, I could never learn the tricky people…it was your trick which helped me to learn a lot of public affairs.

At times, you snatched my precious people from me and I was totally wrecked but you never thought of helping me out, you were a mute spectator and I cursed you with all my heart…but after walking miles n miles, I realize that you did the right thing to leave me alone & watched how I managed myself…losing people is the inevitable truth of life, no one is spared and gradually with experience of life, we learn to accept the truth of death and parting and makes us courageous to accept next unpleasant situation of life…Zindagi, you are amazing, you know how to groom a simple soul.

Zindagi, you have given me several setbacks in life but you have showered me with courage & endurance to bear all.

I am thankful for what you gave me, the surprises that left me giggling and the amazing instances which groomed my persona, amazing relationship to feel the zing of life and made me a doting daughter, wife & mother and all feel happy to have me around.

After walking miles n miles, I learnt a lot from you and learnt to overlook the flaws of life and add the simple joys of life to make my life bright & wonderful.

Dear Zindagi, you have given me the exquisite smiles and I receive a lot of compliments for the same.

Be there in my life as a torchbearer and show me the path whenever I breach from the right one. Now at this point of life, where my kids are settled and I have had enough, I don’t have any urges nor any grudges from you. You are the best silent teacher and you mold your student in a right way in a right direction.

Best path of life is not the easy one, one has to face the hurdles to reach the aimed destination...but Zindagi, you were always there when I stumbled & felt low, you took me into your arms and cajoled me...Love you Zindagi.

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  1. This is such a beautiful beautiful essay.

    'Now I don't have no urges or any grudges from you' When I red the whole thing and then read this last line, it felt like the falling of a peaceful curtain to a long, meaningful play.

    Touched by your words. Tugged some dormant strings.