Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Zindagi #My Jug

Who is my Jug? The sudden question by Blogadda left me bewildered and I could not think of anything appropriate.
I started working on it and read the story of Dear Zindagi online and understood that Shahrukh Khan is the Jug of Alia and she dotes on him and they both are crazy for each other and has great compatibility.

I scratched my mind to find who is or was my Jug in my life and with whom, I am the real self with no pretence…there are ample people in my life who had shared the path of ins & outs of life but all can’t be my Jug.

The First Jug of my life was my Granny, who was my lifeline and she showered all her love on me, unconditional love and I too reciprocated. The emotions can’t be weighed, so could not know, the scale of which side was higher. She was my friend, Guru, and my playmate too. We shared the same bed and every night, she used to tell me stories of fantasy and I slid in sleep. There was no bar between us and we shared everything of life and she took care that I was not scolded by my parents.If ever my Mom tried her hands to hurt me, she got good thrashing from Granny and I enjoyed their bickerings...naughty Me.

The Second Jug of life is my Life partner, who reads my emotions and I don’t have to tell him. Even, in my silence, he reads my mind. He takes great care and tries to manage household front when I am unwell or slogging. We do quarrel over petty issues but he never backs out. He is quite supportive & understanding. He is a great mind reader and he lost his mother in early age of life, so he is quite vigilant for me.

The Third Jug of my life is my Two Sons, who are always there for me. They are the God messenger for me and we three share great compatibility, love & concern for each other. There is no pretension between us, we are what we really are. They too are my Jug on whom I can rely & they never break my trust. They are quite concerned about my health and they do every bit to keep me happy. We do have differences of opinion but we amicably sort it down & at times, we shout at each other to release the bottled petty issues. They are more like friends than kids and we go for outings & movies together.

I have been lucky to have these in my life and they have shaped me in a better way and helped to realise the true potential in me.

I wish that Alia gets Jug like Shahrukh in her life.

  “am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

 (‘Who’s Your Jug?’ – #DearZindagi Activity!)

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  1. How lucky we all are to have our Jugs to support us, care for us and understand us! Without them, our lives would be bereft of the true, unconditional love that helps us grow and survive.
    I am so glad you have your Jugs caring so much for you. May the love you all share grow with each passing day!