I was overjoyed to participate in Blog Marathan of Blogchatter and was quite enthusiastic to complete it with my two blogs, and Thoughts Uncovered and wrote everyday n it was going hand in hand till the Day 24. 

The festival arrived and so did my kids and busy in delivering family obligations, I was left behind the schedule n finally, I missed 8 articles, that is 4 days in 31 days…not bad but disappointed to have missed the target of 62 articles in 31 days.

Diwali been the festival of lights n cleaning n first Diwali of my DIL, so my attention was diverted more towards family after Day 24.

I am a regular writer n normally 1000 words in a day is quite normal for me but my difficulty is I am Behta Paani, I can’t be bonded. This time, I took the challenge to bind myself in an affair with words but slipped out.

Still 54 blog-post in a months time is not bad with managing my daily chores n health and will definitely try to qualify in next Marathon.

I wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo 2016, but I am travelling this month n Panchkarma is scheduled so I may lag behind but unofficially I will write 1660 words everyday for a practice and next year will keep myself free for the challenge postponing other obligations & commitments

Let’s see how I fare in my commitment of writing and a novel is on cards and some more big changes I wish to create in my blog journey.

I thank my readers for believing in me n reading my blogs n encouraging me to do better. 



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