Why people are becoming so impatient and sensitive towards festivals, traditions n cultures n especially the feminists folk are joining the league of intolerance, I find myself unable to understand.

From infancy, I have been watching the festivals been carried out with great pomp n show and the ladies were more inclined n involved in it and menfolk were indirectly involved…how, you can ask me. They supported financially so if you see it with a broader look, you will find that there was involvement of all the members.

Nowadays, since two-three years, I find that lot of hue n cry are raised over the petty issues, there are numerous issues been inflated every now n then, and when I brood over it, I feel that somewhere this impatient and sensitivity is adding miseries in society n the outlook of youngsters are the most affected…the reason been simple…they can’t see through..in young one..one is courageous n outrageous both and the petty issues are being flared up by them.

Now I am in my mid forties, so I can see through the things, can weigh pros n cons but when I was in late teens or late twenties, I reacted badly but in our time, we had regard for elders, be it family members or neighbors, so we never blurted out or acted undisciplined…we were raised with a notion that even if the elders are wrong, we could not cross them.

All those kids who felt been crushed became parents and they never stopped their kids from raising voices or reacting and the situation is more lot of people turning arrogant, impatient etc.

The simple Karwa Chauth vrat is an old age penance observed by the North Indians though after globalization n the effect of Daily soaps aired on TV n Bollywood films impact; more ladies joined the league n today it is spread across the country.

I find people taking up the festival with more zest n fervor, there is no reluctance…one thing more, I wish to add that the current generation is not so simple that the elders can compel them.The in-laws are very supportive, rather I feel the youngsters are not docile n aren’t ready to compromise.

I found many articles n ho-hulla that the daughter-in-laws have been compelled to observe fast and it’s exploitation to fair sex n blah..blah…whereas I find that the ladies observing fast do it on their own and they visit beauty parlours to enamour themselves with heavy make up, hairstyle n mehndi. If one disagrees to perform Karwa Chauth, they won’t go for make up, styling n flaunting new dresses n celebrate with gaiety with family n friends.

Few years back, it was celebrated only in North India but the way it is screened in the soaps n films caught attention of the people, who did not celebrate or they did not have a tradition to perform but out of sheer emotion, they too picked up.

Karwa Chauth is a colorful festival and the ladies observe for the longevity of their husbands. It is the love and admiration for the husband that the woman-folk observe this sacred festival.

Many say that why there are no festivals for women power. I think people are mistaken, Dusherra, Deepawali & in Basant Panchmi, Goddess Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati all women power is worshipped.

The Dusherra & Deepawali Puja was solemnised by the Men only, nowadays, women to worship.

I think there are a handful of people who wish to dismantle the mental peace of people and in the name of religion n feminism, they raise hue and cry. It will be better if they study the social n religious strata of Hinduism and then see if there is a chance for raising voice n creating chaos n confusion in the minds of people.

To follow religion is a personal choice and so are the traditions and customs. It cannot be enforced on anyone neither it can be easily weaned out. It’s a matter of faith.

Let it be a personal choice and let the people observe who wish to.

Disclaimer: The ideas are totally mine and uninfluenced by anyone. I think rationally n pen down my views boldly.


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