Samajh nahin aa raha, shall I laugh or cry at the public around. I feel like laughing out loud…I know it’s a bad habit to make fool people…but what can you do when the person himself tries to fool around. You can’t even chase them to stop fooling else they will ask you to mind your own business…Mi, Mi…in this world, you will find people of all variety and specialty.

Yesterday, one lady publicly declared that she played lot many games but did not win any so she was feeling disgusted. In the beginning, I sympathized her but suddenly the antenna of my mind  was on alert mode. I introspected for few seconds…Oh..yes..I remembered very clearly that I had seen her name in the winner list…two three times and she is denying outright.

I have two bad habits…one is my memory power card which is always on recharge mode and has ample storage capacity and the Del mode is not activated;  the other is that if I know the truth, then no one can stop me to blurt out with full confidence.

Maine to chori pakad lee, chuppi saadh kar baithna out of question mere liye, though I have got overdose on this topic from my parents in my early years…but some habits don’t die.

I could not hold myself and openly conveyed her in full public domain that she was wrong on her stand and gave her proof of her Win.

She was dumb, sheepishly she said, “Thank you” and promptly sent me a friend request.

I was amused by the behavior and felt bad at the instinct of grown up people, who are in habit of lying over petty things, what are they going to teach their coming generations?

I babbled in joy, Wah re Public!

I learn a lot from the interactions and been a good observer try to figure out people’s outlook n perceptions. This one is one of them.

We learn from awkward things too, not only from good things.

One should have zest of learning. Text book learning is limited to years but real life learning is on till we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2.


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