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Since few months, Tarun noticed a remarkable change in Avni. She was ignoring the tasks of looking after her family & kids. In seven years of togetherness, it was the first chance that she was distracted & unhinged from family affairs.

Tarun decided to delve deep into the matter & find out what was attracting or distracting Avni. He started watching Avni’s movement and soon he found that there was someone whom Avni was following or was been followed by someone, it wasn’t clear.

Avni was never happy with her husband and her in-laws family, she kept the feelings bottled inside. It didn’t surface out to others but Tarun did have a clue of it. He was cool & patient & didn’t pay much heed. He believed that with time, she will be fine.

Now, when he found her getting isolated from him, he was hurt to the core but chose to be silent and vigilant. Her activities were getting symbolic and had developed a tendency to stay aloof.

Tarun was a pilot & he got weekly off to be with family. He was wrecked at heart & took leave to watch Avni’s movements and confirm whether there was some factor or was it mere suspicion.

Avni befriended two-three guys via social sites and gave ample time to her friends. As soon as she got up from the bed, the first thing she did was to greet good-morning to her friends. She carried the mobile wherever she went, not even spared them in her personal care time.

She randomly went out of the house on some pretext or the other. One day, Tarun asked to share her passwords of social sites. The color of her face drained and she was not ready to share her passwords.

“Am not your slave to share my personal passwords with you, I’m sorry,” Avni said in rage.

“You are my wife and I have got a right to ask. Even you can take my passwords” Tarun told her coolly.

The argument flared up and it went on for hours but Avni was not ready to share. Discussion took an ugly turn, Tarun lost his patience & slapped her hard.

Avni was mad in her passion, without giving any second thought, she stepped out of the house. In the back of her, She was ready to sever.

Avni’s mobile rang. At first, Tarun did not want to pick up the phone. He was mentally drained & an unknown fear had gripped him at the unruly behaviour of Avni.

The phone was continuously ringing. At last, he picked up the phone but did not utter a single word.

“Where are you darling? I was thinking about you.” The caller said.

Tarun felt dizzy, lost his balance and hit the floor. He fainted but the call wasn’t disconnected.

The sound of a heavy thud from the bedroom alerted other family members and they ran to see what had happened.

A huge commotion was created in the house. Both daughters were crying on top of their voice seeing their father been rushed to the hospital.  Family members wondered when they did not find Avni in house.

The old parents were enveloped in negativity wondering and searching a reason for all this sudden turmoil in the house. They couldn’t figure out.

When Tarun came into senses, he briefed the whole story to his brother and tears rolled down. He couldn’t find a reason as to why Avni had strayed, he loved her a lot and took care of her needs and finances. He was very hurt & felt demoralized.

Tarun’s mobile rang. He was gripped with fear because of the words of the caller had disturbed him mentally and he thought that maybe the same caller had tried his number.

He handed the phone to his brother to pick up.

“Hello, who’s there?”

“Yes, City SP calling, can I speak with Tarun?” the caller said.

“I’m Tarun’s brother, tell me what the matter is?”

“His wife Avni is with us at Noble Hospital. She met with a road accident and she is badly injured. Please rush fast.” The caller said.

Tarun’s brother didn’t disclose the message to Tarun sensing the gravity of the situation. He conveyed to him that the call was from his physician. They want to discuss his reports.

When his elder brother Arun reached Noble Hospital, he found Avni’s situation grim. She was not in senses and was babbling in delirium.

“Tarun, forgive me please.”

The doctors told him to bring Tarun and they sensed that she was in danger. If anyone could help her, that was Tarun.

He arranged to bring Tarun to the hospital, where Avni was admitted. Seeing Avni badly injured, he could not control his emotions and cried out inconsolably. 

He kissed her hand and she did respond by the touch of Tarun. Gradually, She came back to sense.

The whole team of doctors attending Avni was delighted. The couple was hospitalized in the same ward for aftercare. After three days, Avni recouped and Tarun was fine.

Avni requested Tarun to forgive her and she won’t repeat the mistake again. She told him that she trudged on the wrong path because of Tarun. He did provide all comforts but did not give much quality time or paid heed to her emotions.  Her buried emotions spurted out when she received words of praise from outsiders.

Both understood grievances of each other and embraced in a tight hug and showered kisses on each other.

The misunderstandings swept away and they got united forever erasing the boundaries of misunderstandings forever. The lost love revived in full glory.



Couple holding hands
Love Rebounds

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