Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ten Social Evils I Wish To Eradicate !!! #RavanVadhh


Evils, evils, evils everywhere. The Good comes out of evil and it persists if evil is away else it changes its place. Indispire asks me to elaborate the evils that I want to destruct with my own hands this Ravanvadh.

I too want to eradicate the social evils that are hovering on us snatching our mental peace n happiness.

The first thing is to strike peace on our planet by deleting the evil minds from our beautiful planet…to stop mass destruction. We need to start reformation movement to clear the poisoned minds to establish peace and harmony, and then only we can proceed further in our lives with no fear…I will destruct the evil minds from our planet to restore peace.

Second important thing is to put an end to female infanticide. Females are the creator of universe so we need to stop killing wombs and eradicate fear from the minds of people. Daughters must be accepted as God’s blessings and should be treated at par with boys. To change the mind-set, the parents need to change their perception and start accepting girls in family…Encourage birth of girl’s n destruct those evil minds who are against daughters.

Thirdly, we need to stop gender discrimination. If this discrimination is nipped when it’s a bud then maximum issues of domestic violence n violence in society will come to an end. From the beginning, they should be treated equal and be given equal facilities to both sex demolishing gender biasedness from our system.

Fourth is even the biasedness on the basis of skin colour should be stopped and people practicing the same should be severely punished. Skin colour is a genetic thing and it is not in the hands of human. Its god gifted & it doesn’t affect the inert characteristics of a person. Beauty is skin deep, so marvel out the best characteristics and stop judging a person on the basis of colour.

Fifth is Dowry. It should be immediately stopped and it should be an affair dealt by both the families to get the children married. Bridegroom & bride family should sit together and get it solemnized by the participation of both the families. The girl’s family should not be burdened.

Sixth is to put a dead stop to rape in society. The culprits should be severely punished so that others don’t repeat the act. The children should be educated to respect both the genders equally then only we can see radical change in society.

Seventh is to stop discrimination among people on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Every religion should have right to follow and none should intervene in each other & create chaos and confusion in the minds of people. Religion is a personal choice and it should be left for personal consideration.

Eighth is to eradicate social discrimination among people on economic basis. All should be regarded equal. This is also one of the reason of disturbance in society.

Ninth is to stop destruction of forests, trees and greenery and save planet from further disintegration and global warming and restore natural resources & beauty gifted by Supreme power.

Lastly, we need to maintain cleanliness & hygiene in our neighbourhood, rivers and on earth to restore nature’s beauty. We should stop going against nature to be free from nature’s fury.

This year, I wish to eradicate these ten social evils from society to uplift the mood of society and bring in happiness, peace and prosperity among people.


  1. If only we could demolish the ten heads of the Ravan you spoke about it would be a real victory.

  2. Ah! How I wish we could. Begin from self probably ?:)

  3. I would settle for any 3... its honestly that level now.. where we bargain down to atleast getting something done.

  4. Much needed for our world...
    Hope we all take action.