“We have one precious life: do something extraordinary today, even if it’s tiny. A pebble starts the avalanche.”
― K.A. Laity

Start attending to things that appears minuscule, these small activities will raise your bar and one day, you will find that you have done a great work.

The little acts that adds joys in one life without spending a penny and it’s more precious than the diamonds.



Watching beautiful sunrise and sunset, the golden clouds scattered and the sun appears to be a round red ball.

The sunrise is bright and beautiful and it gives a feeling that it is infusing life in all the lives of the planet, be it human being, flora & fauna. It does infuses life around even the animate objects appear lively. The sunrise indicates the start of life and all living things wakes up to start a life with brightness.

The sunset is serene and calmness & silence spreads its blanket on the earth and the life starts to pack up for the day, especially, it’s amazing to watch birds & animals returning back to their nests and shade. They don’t need watch to find out the timing and their day starts n end with Sun…Isn’t it amazing?


Watching flowers n plants grow n flower and it gives immense satisfaction if it is of our garden. When I had my individual house, I used to do lot of gardening and my first task in the morning after getting down from bed was to run in the garden n see my efforts growing n blooming.
Watching the dew drops clinging on the stems in early winters is mesmerizing and the sun rays sparkling on the dew drops creates a magical kaleidoscopic view.

The habit of nurturing plants is healthy. The happiness derived from it, can’t be summed up in words, I found it quite gratifying. Now I have moved to apartment flat, so the garden space is restricted still I take care.


Connecting with nature gives a feeling of lightness in oneself, rejuvenated and spiritual energy is enhanced…Try for yourself & feel the changes within.



Bonding with the pet dissolves our miseries n it is a great stress buster. I had a pet who was with me for more than twelve years n our bonding was so strong that I understood her voice n she understood mine and was so much disciplined that I felt ashamed of myself when I drifted from the words of elders.
Living with pet makes your life disciplined and a feeling of care, nurture & showering love develops in oneself.

The day my pet left for heavenly, I was very devastated n felt that life is predestined and we are the puppets in the hands of Almighty and he has the power to snap and all the indulgence are left behind. It showed me the path of purpose of life.

These are few things which can add happiness to your life without spending riches n these small seeds of joy gives us immense pleasure & satisfies our soul. No expensive gifts can match this. The spiritual energy is awakened and positivism is bestowed with these priceless gifts of nature.

Frantically Searching Happiness with a Wallet
Ignoring the Priceless & Amazing Nature Around
Dazzled by Luxury!


The Day I Discovered Nature
I was Rejuvenated & Bright
Felt Sorry for Being Late!

© Ila Varma 05-10-2016

Pic Credits: All clicked by Ila Varma & it’s the property of varmaila.com.

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