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I felt awkward at the thought that how could I marry a person who is totally unknown to me. I found it quite weird at the thought of living with an unknown man in a room, sharing bed, toilet and toiletries & sharing physical relationship. Oh…Gosh the mere thought fluttered my mind and I would blindly say, A Big No..whenever my Mom put forth the query of Marriage…Arranged one…in which every thing is awkward in its own way.

Granny & Mommy used to sing their stories of their lifetime & their only desire was that I follow in their steps.

“I too was an educated girl who had enjoyed much freedom at my parent’s place but in the case of marriage, parent’s decision was final & how I lived with your father, he too was unknown to me. Don’t fret & fume, it’s a part of life” This was my Mom’s plea.

How could Granny sit quiet, she exercised her Freedom of Speech.

As Granny started, I begged her with folded hands,

“Please Daadi…you don’t start your story…70 long years down the line, I just can’t imagine & don’t you ever dream in your wildest dream that I should step in your shoes, it’s better you slit my throat, I will accept it easily.”

Who was this?

This was Me, a girl in her sweet sixteen n these ladies of the house were chasing me to instill good thoughts of Arranged Marriage, murdering my sweet dream of a Prince, who would come from far away  distant land, showering all the love of the world & proposing me in the iconic way and I after showing my tantrums readily accept his repeated request.

It was not that they wanted me to settle my marriage but as I started my tantrums briefing the demerits of this so called AM, they would hog at me like hungry wolves.

Actually I was transforming into a beautiful teenager from a simple careless Tom boy so they had a deep seated fear and their sing a song was enough to scatter my dream of my love life.(Teenager’s can say…Nothing serious)

But their Mantra was as powerful as Urvashi who disturbed the penance of Saint Vishwamitra.

At times, I used to get pangs of distress at the mere thought of undressing in front of a stranger husband & how will I manage to, who can’t easily undress in front of her Mom.

The whole marriage thing appeared awkward to me. I used to joke around about this stranger husband and the youngsters enjoyed my views whereas the elders felt awkward and would ogle me with a look that they will roast me to eat.

This was me and my views at Sweet Sixteen, colorful stage of life. Will discuss about my adventurous life in my next post and my outlook.

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